What does the BTS logo mean

BTS logo

BTS is an abbreviation for the name of the popular Korean boy band, formerly known as "Bulletproof Boy Scouts". Since 2017 it has been called "Beyond the Scene" after being renamed. BTS are amazingly popular with young people. In 2018 they received the title “Man of the Year” from Time, in front of the American cult band Planet Earth and the divers who rescued children from a flooded cave in Taiwan.

Meaning and history

“Bulletproof Boy Scouts” was founded on June 13th, 2013 by Big Hit Entertainment as an analogy to the women's group “Girls‘ Generation ”, which at that time was at the height of its popularity in Asia and had already conquered Europe and the USA.

Due to the open selection, 7 young, good-looking men who can dance and sing were accepted into the men's group. Originally BTS wanted to call it “Big Kidz” or “Young Nation”, but after starting a team, producers suddenly suggested the name “Boy Scouts Bulletproof”, which shocked the contestants.

At first they were even against this name, but when the guys declared the main chip of their boy band, the idea was accepted. But the point is, the guys focused on the army theme, so on their first performance they came out in bulletproof vests, which became their trademark and was reflected in the first logo.

BST members: RM (group leader), Chia, Shugi, J-Hope, Jimina, Wi and Jongkook.

After the renaming, the group received the title "Artist of the Year" at the prestigious Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2018 for the Wings studio album. In the American album chart, Billboard 200 BTS achieved a unique result for artists from Asia and took 7th place. The two singles “MIC Drop” and “DNA” were the first (and so far only) in Korea to receive RIAA Gold Certified.

The BTS logo only changed once, but both options are very symbolic and memorable. The main value of the brand and its creativity are the associations of the past, present and future.

2013 – 2017

The group's first logo was a recognizable image of body armor with numerous pockets, surrounded by rays and two zippers on the sides. In the middle - the name is the abbreviation BTS. According to the creators, such reliable protection from pressure and prejudice is very important for young people in modern society. Over time, new goals have been added to the concept: don't stop there, follow the dream.


This year, representatives of the Big Hit Entertainment label decided to update the group's name, values ​​and logo to reflect the new realities of the global world. The name “Behind the Scenes” suggests that no matter what, young people hold on to what they have achieved and develop further. In the light of the new concept, the protective equipment has been replaced by a stylized image of a door ajar, through which young people hurry into the future. The name BTS has been moved down.

At the same time, the logo of the official BTS fan group A.R.M.Y was redesigned. A new logo was created very similar to the BTS emblem - also in the form of doors that were only open to the other side.

As the label's owner said, these two modern logos are the joint design of the band members, the design team and the most active fans. The main task for them was to show that the brand and its representative team are future-oriented. At the same time, both logos - of actors and fans - show their unity, which is why both options are presented on all official BST products (albums, flyers, posters, fan items).


The band's trademark consists of the words “BTS” (below) and two vertically arranged rectangles (above). Geometric shapes are trapezoidal and mirrored. The left and right sides of the emblem are completely symmetrical as, according to the designers' idea, these are the doors that are open to the future.

Font and colors

Between 2013 and 2017, the group's name was stenciled with wide, dashed lines. The font style has changed after the logo update:

  • Letters became solid
  • “T” has triangular disks on either side of the horizontal bar
  • "S" has rectangular bends at the ends.

Serifs and other decorative elements are missing.

The main color of the emblem is dark gray, the secondary color is white. The first is used for trapezoids and the inscription “BTS”, and the second serves as a neutral background.