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Fast Food- is "fast food" really as bad as its reputation?

Fast food, which translates as “fast food”, is known not to be bursting with nutrients, but is it really as unhealthy as is always claimed? Pizza, currywurst, French fries with ketchup and mayonnaise, burgers and the like are on the menu several times a week for many people. But what happens if we eat too much of it? Is it okay to treat yourself to a junk food sin every now and then or should it be better to forego the "food trash" altogether? We got to the bottom of these and other interesting questions together with a nutrition expert.

“Fast food” means processed foods that are prepared shortly. The topic of "time" plays an important role in our society, because in stressful everyday life it is exactly what we are missing again and again. With this in mind, junk food comes in handy for one or the other. But what exactly is it that makes "fast food" so unhealthy? “The meals from the fast-food restaurants consist mainly of simple carbohydrates - which are very quickly converted to glucose (sugar) in the body -, large amounts of salt and lots of fat. In addition, quantity comes before quality here. The meat that is used in most fast food dishes comes from factory farming. The poor quality feed and the animals' lack of exercise are reflected in the fat profile of the meat. Junk food contains many inflammatory components and makes the fat it contains even more dangerous for our organism. But not only the fat in the meat is inferior, the deep-frying fat is often not made for the hot temperatures during deep-frying or has been industrially modified in such a way that it is anything but healthy. In addition, fast food dishes are real calorie bombs, but at the same time hardly provide any nutrients, which can lead to health consequences in the long term. Simple carbohydrates are digested very quickly and converted to glucose in the body. With increased consumption of simple carbohydrates and sugar, our blood sugar level rises rapidly and very high, which is why our body has to release insulin, the hormone of the pancreas, in order to transport the glucose into the cells. The constant presence of insulin promotes fat storage in the tissue and thus the development of obesity, which increases the risk of numerous diseases. If the blood sugar rise is too rapid or too high, it falls again very quickly, which leads to cravings, which in turn are satisfied with unhealthy food and the vicious circle is already underway, ”says nutritionist Marina Hecht.

The dangerous composition

The increased consumption of saturated animal Fats combined with sugar In addition to an increase in the cholesterol level, it can also cause arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases in the long term. In addition, there is always a decent portion of "fast food" salt contain. This can be particularly dangerous for people with high blood pressure, because the salt intake puts additional stress on our cardiovascular system artificial additives such as flavor enhancers, colorings and flavors are not beneficial to health and minimize our feeling of satiety. "All these ingredients weaken the immune system in the long run, can lead to deficiency symptoms and cause a feeling of dependency, which can also have a negative effect on our psyche," explains Hecht.

Health consequences of increased fast food consumption

Our diet not only influences our health, but also our figure and performance. It is not uncommon for fast food junkies to have bad skin and overweight, or even obesity. If you are already obese, this inevitably leads to insulin resistance and even diabetes, lipid metabolism disorders and high blood pressure. This association of diseases is called "metabolic syndrome".


“It cannot be dismissed out of hand: Fast food makes you sick and fat in the long run. The combination of unhealthy ingredients has drastic consequences for our health. Therefore, I recommend eating a varied and healthy diet as far as possible, cooking with fresh and unprocessed food and slowing down. Turn “fast food” into “slow food”. A homemade burger with wholemeal bun, high-quality pattie meat, garnished with fresh vegetables and a portion of cheese, has a completely different value and effect on our body, ”says the specialist.