When not to buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon as a Swiss

As a Swiss, how do I shop at Amazon

Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world, does not yet have its own online presence for Switzerland. But that does not mean that Mr and Mrs Swiss cannot shop at Amazon. Because Amazon sends many articles to Switzerland via its online presence in Germany (amazon.de), France (amazon.fr) and Italy (amazon.it). And even from Great Britain (amazon.co.uk) or the USA (amazon.com) individual articles can be delivered to Switzerland.

In addition to the shipping costs, which are usually high to Switzerland, Swiss customers must note that import duties (value added tax on the value of the goods and customs duties based on weight) are levied upon receipt of the goods ordered. In individual cases, Amazon does offer an "advance payment of the import fee". If this is not the case, however, a Swiss customer must expect to pay a processing fee for the respective deliverer and the customs agent in addition to the import duties, which will usually be between CHF 18 and CHF 100.

Who actually sells on Amazon?

Not all items available on Amazon are sold and shipped by Amazon itself. Rather, several 100,000 online retailers sell on Amazon in their own name and with their own shipping via the Amazon platform. The customer usually does not notice much of this, since the reference to the sale by third parties is only comparatively inconspicuous, but the whole purchase process is otherwise identical to that of buying goods from Amazon.

It can be assumed that around 80% of all items available on Amazon are not sold by Amazon itself. A large part of these articles cannot be delivered to Switzerland because individual dealers shy away from the customs clearance costs and the high shipping costs abroad.

Dealer does not ship to Switzerland

Prime - what does that mean?

Amazon's Prime program promises video and music services as well as accelerated shipping of orders. The Swiss have not yet benefited from this. Although Amazon differentiates between “international express shipping” and “standard shipping” for direct shipping to Switzerland, the costs for these two options are identical for all Swiss customers.

In contrast, customers in the USA and the EU benefit significantly from the faster processing of their orders. In large metropolitan areas, “same-day” deliveries are even possible for Prime customers.

Amazon enables this "Prime Shipping" in two different ways: On the one hand, items that are sold by Amazon are sent directly from Amazon Fulfillment Centers. In addition, items from third-party suppliers who store their goods on Amazon are also shipped by Amazon. The other way of making "Prime-ready" offers for third-party dealers is "Prime by Seller". In this case, the dispatch is not carried out by an Amazon Fulfillment Center, but by the retailer himself. Amazon then simply provides the retailers with package labels with addresses, which are then sent by DPD. The parcel is picked up at a daily defined time, so that the goods - as when shipping through an Amazon fulfillment center - arrive at the customer on the next working day.

The most significant advantage for third-party retailers on Amazon is that the “Prime-ability” of their articles means that they have a much higher probability of getting into the “Buybox” on the Amazon website. This means that he is the top seller and his item can be bought with one click with "buy now".

Prime shipping to Switzerland?

Late cut-off times at retailers go hand in hand with a high level of standardization and time pressure. The time required for proper customs clearance from the EU to Switzerland is therefore not given. As a result, most “Prime” items from third-party retailers cannot be delivered to Switzerland. And this in turn means that Mr. and Mrs. Swiss on the Amazon website do not get most of the items from third-party retailers delivered to his address in Switzerland.

Item cannot be delivered to Switzerland

Why order from Amazon via MeinEinkauf.ch?

MeinEinkauf.ch opens (almost) the entire range of Amazon.de for Swiss customers. Instead of direct shipping to Switzerland, which is often not possible, MeinEinkauf.ch customers can shop to their hearts' content on the account of MeinEinkauf GmbH and have the items ordered by MeinEinkauf AG delivered to Switzerland for the same final price as for customers in Germany - from just CHF 17.90 per shipment up to 10kg (see price list). Duty paid and without additional taxes.

In combination with Prime shipping benefits, (almost) all items from Amazon.de can be delivered directly to your doorstep in Switzerland. Regardless of whether they are sold and shipped by Amazon or sold by third-party retailers.

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