Owns Pepsi Burger King

Burger King cooperates with Coca Cola and PepsiCo

Miami - The hamburger chain Burger King has expanded its cooperation with the beverage company Coca-Cola and has also entered into a partnership with its competitor PepsiCo. The world's second largest fast food chain announced in Miami on Friday that it had chosen Coca-Cola as its preferred supplier of soft drinks worldwide. Burger King also announced that PepsiCo will in future be the exclusive supplier of its Aquafina table water for all 8,200 burger snacks in the USA. Financial details of the agreements were not given.

Pepsi supplies table water

The agreement with Coca-Cola stipulates that the soda manufacturer will remain the primary supplier of soft drinks in around 3,000 burger branches in 54 countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America. The Pepsi water Aquafina is the market leader in this segment in the USA. Competitor Coca-Cola is in second place with its Dasani water. An industry expert said about the deal that PepsiCo had achieved an important stage win in competition with its rival Coca-Cola.

The Burger King chain, founded in Miami in 1954, operates more than 11,450 restaurants in 56 countries, three quarters of them in the United States. 2.4 billion hamburgers go over the Burger King counters every year. The fast food chain is in global competition with arch rival McDonald's. (APA / Reuters)