Write an essay for the GMAT preparation

This is how you pass the GMAT

The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT for short, is a standardized test for prospective MBA students. The result is often a criterion for admission to the course. In addition to knowledge of mathematics and business administration, the GMAT also tests analytical and linguistic skills. You can find out how to pass the GMAT here.

What is the GMAT?

The GMAT was developed by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), an association of numerous business universities. Its purpose is to check whether applicants for advanced economics courses are suitable. Especially if you are applying for an MBA in an English-speaking country, you can hardly avoid the GMAT. With the success story of the MBA in Germany, it has also become more and more common in this country - especially at business schools.

What can you expect from the GMAT?

You first register via the MBA.com platform and book an appointment. There is a $ 250 registration fee. The test takes place on the computer in one of the 4 locations in Germany: in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg or Berlin.
The test consists of 4 parts that you will complete in English:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)(30 minutes)
    An essay that will demonstrate your analytical skills.
  • Integrated reasoning(30 minutes)
    12 questions in which you analyze graphs and tables
  • Quantitative Section(75 minutes)
    Mathematics tasks
  • Verbal Section(75 minutes)
    Tests reading comprehension and language skills

You will receive your score immediately after the test. The evaluation of the essay takes an additional 20 days. Then you will get your final result. You can repeat the GMAT as often as you like. However, the universities have access to information on how often you have participated and what your performance is like.

Proper GMAT preparation

The GMAT is a demanding exam, especially because you have to take it under great time pressure. It is also unusual that the level of difficulty adapts to your performance during the test. In addition, the test takes place in English. Thorough preparation is therefore essential if you want to achieve a top score in the GMAT.

Preparation time

How much time you need to prepare for the GMAT depends on your skills and previous knowledge. You should first take the free test with the GMAC learning software. Based on the scores achieved, you can estimate how much work and time you should still invest in the preparation. Most aim for a score of 600 to 700. A result of over 700 is already an extraordinary achievement, but also almost a must at top business schools such as Stanford or Harvard. Depending on the target score, you need about 10 days to 3 months to prepare.

Educational software

Learning software prepares you well for the actual exam situation, as you also take the GMAT on the computer. The official training software of GMAC also resembles the design of the tests on the exam computers on site. It is free of charge up to 90 questions and 2 tests. There are also numerous other learning software and online courses from other providers.

Learning books

You can prepare yourself for the GMAT with a variety of books. The official GMAC learning books are primarily recommended. Classics for the GMAT preparation are also the learning books from Kaplan, Princeton and the Manhattan series. Many top scorers report that they only learned from books.

Preparatory courses

Private educational institutes offer courses that prepare you specifically for the GMAT. The duration and cost of these courses vary. 1-day intensive courses cost around € 200 ¹, 1.5-month weekend courses around € 1,500 ¹. Some state universities also offer preparation courses for the GMAT.