Why would a psychopath haunt me romantically?

Dating frustration and different personalities

What does it mean exactly?

Narcissism is described as the ubiquitous pattern of megalomania, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy. There is also a connection with a low level of commitment, which means that narcissists are less committed in relationships, as they tend to assume that they can find an even better relationship.

Machiavellianism, on the other hand, is a common cause of dissatisfaction in a relationship. People with this personality trait tend to be manipulative, exploitative or aggressive. Machiavellians use certain influence strategies in their relationships and the feelings of the other are rather secondary.

Without paying attention to the feelings of the other person, psychopaths get their way and feel no remorse or feelings of guilt. This personality trait is associated with egocentricity, impulsiveness, irresponsibility and pathological lying. In interpersonal relationships, psychopaths can therefore often not allow deep feelings and often use manipulation techniques.


And how do these personality traits affect behavior in partnerships?

To answer the question about possible connections to personality traits, together with my lecturer Prof. Dr. Kathrin Sch├╝tz prepared an online questionnaire, with the help of which the characteristics of the Dark Triad and different love styles were recorded. Over 350 people aged 17 to 72 took part in the survey.

In terms of love styles, Eros turned out to be the most pronounced love style on average. Ludus, on the other hand, was the least pronounced style and Pragma, Storge, Mania, and Agape had similar averages. With regard to personality traits, the results showed that a higher degree of the Dark Triad is associated with a higher degree of the Ludus and Mania love styles, but with a lower degree of the Eros love style. In addition, the hypothesis that there is a connection between ludus and psychopathy could be accepted.