What is Leonardo DiCaprio's fortune

"Forbes" list: Leonardo DiCaprio deserves the most

Leonardo DiCaprio is Hollywood's highest income actor. According to a list published by the American magazine "Forbes", the 36-year-old earned $ 77 million between May 2010 and May 2011. Decisive for this sum were DiCaprio's leading roles in the blockbusters "Shutter Island" and "Inception". "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Johnny Depp ranks second on the "Forbes" list with earnings of $ 50 million. You can see the five highest paid Hollywood actors in our photo show.

The top 15 earners in the dream factory were published, including Tom Cruise in tenth place (22 million) and Brad Pitt in 14th place (20 million). Pitt's buddy George Clooney is missing from the list. In return, vampire actor Robert Pattinson (13th place, 20 million) made it into this illustrious circle thanks to "Twilight" and "Water for the Elephants". Tim Allen owes his $ 22 million income and the resulting ninth place primarily to his voice acting for Buzz Lightyear in "Toy Story 3". You can read positions six to 15 on the Forbes list here.

Places six through 15 on the Forbes list

6. Ben Stiller (34 million)
7. Robert Downey Jr. (31 million)
8. Mark Wahlberg (28 million)
9. Tim Allen (22 million)
10. Tom Cruise (22 million)
11. Jim Carrey (20 million)
12. Daniel Craig (20 million)
13. Robert Pattinson (20 million)
14. Brad Pitt (20 million)
15. Matt Damon (18M)

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