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Zodiac sign Taurus - traits and characterTypical Taurus - you have to know that about him

Everything you always wanted to know about Taurus: These are the characteristics of the zodiac sign
If you think of fiery passion and Spanish summer nights with sangria when you think of Taurus, you are not wrong. Taurus born between April 21st and May 20th is a mirror of its season and month of birth. On the one hand calm and natural like spring. On the other hand, energetic and quick-tempered like the upcoming summer.

Character traits of the Taurus-born

Taurus is a confident mind, but its greatest strength is its loyal soul. Reliability towards his loved ones is his religion. Taurus enjoys the little things in life and doesn't need much to be happy. For him, values ​​such as loyalty and a firm will count. Whether in good or bad times, you can always rely on the Taurus. He keeps a large step away from gossip. This makes Taurus a good friend and the perfect keeper of secrets. He only keeps his own better to himself and instead dreams of large fields and high mountains or at least a small balcony for his green thumb, because Taurus is a friend of nature.

Strengths of the zodiac sign Taurus

The best way to describe the horoscope and characteristics of Taurus is by looking at its constellation. Taurus are by nature calm beings, enjoy nature by grazing the fields and are peaceful as long as they are not irritated. The characteristics of the human Taurus are very similar and so the zodiac sign Taurus has many positive interpersonal skills.
What makes him so lovable in the first place is his loyalty. The Taurus is a very loyal and warm-hearted companion. Sensitive and magnanimous and yet self-confident, he struts positively through life, because the Taurus is bursting with patience and a down-to-earth attitude. Maybe also because his element is the earth.
Many people accuse him of having a materialistic streak, but this is only a sign of his by no means stingy handling.

Weaknesses and quirks of the bull

His biggest flaw is his stubbornness and he knows it too. Nevertheless, it is very difficult for the zodiac sign Taurus to switch off this property once it is in its element. There are two main negative traits that Taurus can be accused of. On the one hand, the zodiac sign Taurus is lazy and comfortable, and on the other hand, it can become jealous and possessive. But don't worry, because the Taurus just doesn't know what to do with all the love for the person he or she loves. As relaxed and balanced as the Taurus is, narrow-minded and stubborn can it become as soon as it is stimulated. And even if he forgives quickly, forgetting is not one of his strengths.

The zodiac sign Taurus in love - adventure or romance?

The Taurus is a real connoisseur and likes to turn to beautiful things and above all to beautiful creatures. No wonder since his planet is Venus. His keen sense of aesthetics underlines his sensual nature, because the Taurus loves good food and good sex even more.
If he is interested, he also sends clear signals. Games are not his kind. Those who make it into their heart can look forward to a special position. Taurus is very loyal, reliable, and connected to family and friends. But be careful, even if the Taurus man or the Taurus woman have to struggle with jealousy themselves, drama is simply not his element and a real love killer. The Taurus categorically avoids arguments and discussions, as he attaches great importance to a harmonious and comfortable home. Dissatisfied characters and nervous temperaments have no place in Taurus' life.

The Taurus at work - that's what your horoscope says

Taurus-born careers are generally not very popular. For him, other values ​​count than a steep professional ladder. One could almost think that the bull is a representative of typical role models.
For Taurus women, family is above career. For her, life as a mother and housewife is not a role, but a fulfillment. While the man brings the money home, she takes care of the loved ones. It shouldn't be too little money, because, as is well known, a little luxury never hurts.
But regardless of all roles and patterns, the Taurus works towards his goals with a certain determination. He doesn't shy away from anything and acts powerfully out of conviction. The Taurus is helped by his perseverance and his practical as well as factual thinking. He is not a dreamer, because reality is all that matters, which can seem headstrong to some others. Patiently and at the same time pedantically, he does his work and sometimes shines through creativity.

The bull as a man

Some call the bull lazy, others would call it leisurely, because he is never in a hurry. Evil tongues even call it slow, almost clumsy. The Taurus man simply has his own rhythm and does not want to rush anything. He is at his best at his own pace.
The Taurus man remains an unyielding stubborn head. This can make him uncomfortable. So it takes a little tolerance, skill and, above all, patience with him. But the effort is worth it, because if Taurus feels understood, then he gives everything for his loved ones. He carries his partner in his hands and stands protectively both in front of and behind her like a rock in the surf. He is ready to invest a little more for his lady of the heart, because the Taurus is definitely not stingy. The only consideration the Taurus man expects in return is a harmonious family life.

The bull as a woman

She is a true connoisseur and, as is well known, love goes through the stomach. Cooking is her passion and her strength in the male world. The Taurus woman can eat just as well and therefore has more on her hips here and there, which underlines her femininity. Venus gives her charisma and sensuality.
Taurus are creatures of habit and so unexplained circumstances or even changes do not leave them any peace and can upset the otherwise strong Taurus woman. Togetherness is, besides love and sexuality, especially important to Taurus women. Like the Taurus man, she too is a very loyal and reliable soul.
No matter what, the zodiac sign Taurus is definitely there with all of its heart.

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