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In the week-long day camps From Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (in Braunschweig from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) the kids experience a varied program of sports, games, handicrafts, theater and music. And all of this takes place English instead of - as if you were abroad. We do not have traditional language lessons. The children learn "by the way" because "learning by doing" is our motto and our concept. The most important thing for us is that the children feel comfortable, have fun on their holidays and feel like communicating in a foreign language. We also offer fun camps French and brand new on Spanish at.

Program and daily routine

The program is a colorful mix of games, sporting and artistic activities. The kids can try out different topics, learn new things, let off steam and chill out from time to time. The daily routine is determined by many factors, such as the weather, the preferences of the children and the personal experiences of the team members. Some program items are carried out daily, others can be varied by the teamers according to their own interests and the interests of the children.


daily routine: In the morning we start every day together with the "morning circle". The children move, stretch, play little movement games to get going and start the next day full of energy. After that there is time for the first"English session", in which the children become creative in their reference groups. Here there is a lot of painting and handicrafts, every day with a different focus, so that there is something for everyone. On the first day, the focus is on getting to know the other children in the group. After this Having lunch and a small one Lunch break with free play does it go out to the "big game", an off-road game that you play together with the other YoYo groups at the camp if possible. In the afternoon there is time for the second"English session". Here the children can continue to work on their projects and develop them further. We are outside as much as possible. If it rains too heavily, the team members of course also have fun indoor games in store. Before they go home , the children have the opportunity to make a brief entry in it Camp diary to do and that too common tidying up is part of the daily routine.


In some camps there are individual days special activitiessuch as an afternoon climbing or a trip to the zoo. You can see in which camps this is the case in the description of the camps.


During the week the children practice a little performance for them YoYo show on Friday afternoon, e.g. a short sketch. Usually the show takes place in all day camps on Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. and parents and siblings are cordially invited. In 2020 this was not possible due to the special corona situation, the children showed each other their contributions, but the family were not allowed to invite them. We will have to decide at short notice whether this will be possible again in 2021.


Fun Day Camps usually take place Monday through Friday. Let's go 9 clock. The team members are of course always there a few minutes earlier to meet the children. In Braunschweig, the camps take place earlier, as it starts at 8 a.m. The children take a longer break at lunchtime to have enough time to eat and then have the opportunity to play free. The official program ends at 4:30 p.m. (in Braunschweig at 3:30 p.m.), then free play is possible. We would like to give all children and parents, depending on their individual wishes and possibilities, the opportunity to pick up the children from 4:30 p.m. or to be looked after by our teamers until 5 p.m.

Group size / supervision key

Playful learning takes place in small groups instead of. Each team member forms a reference group with 8 to 12 children who stay together for the entire week. If several groups are on a camport at the same time, the groups are mainly divided according to age. When booking, you can indicate whether you want to be in the same group as a friend. The "English sessions" always take place in the reference groups, for the "morning circle" and "big game", however, mostly all children and teamers come together. Lunch also takes place together.

Teamers and junior teamers

Our teamers are young, committed people from all over the world. They come from England, Canada, Australia, the USA, but also from other English-speaking countries in the world such as Nigeria, Pakistan or South Africa. Together with the children, they create a great holiday week in which, in addition to the language, they also bring in a lot of their culture, games and stories from their home country.


Work in some camps Junior teamers to support the main responsible team members. These are mostly young people between the ages of 16 and 18 who speak English fluently, but are German themselves. You were often a former participant yourself, enjoy the camps and now want to take on more responsibility.

Camp language is English

If you have little previous knowledge in English, you will quickly get used to the new language with our "easy English for beginners" program. Our teamers will show you everything very clearly and you can just join in. It's child's play, isn't it?


Even the advanced you will learn many new games and words and use them in casual everyday communication. Even if you will keep a diary and write it, the focus in the camp is on speaking and understanding.

The Teens take responsibility for having fun together in the group. You can have a say in the projects and activities as well as the time that you spend “only in English”, i.e. without a word of German, every day. In addition to many games and sporting activities, you can bring your English up to speed in role plays, theater and discussions.


Do you want more? YoYo Camps has been offering the popular Fun Camp since 2012 as a Fun Overnight Camp with overnight stays.



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Fun Day Camps in Hanover, Braunschweig, Wolfsburg and Waffensen.


English summary

In our fun day camps we provide all the fun of traditional day camps while integrating both large and small groups for high energy and engaging interactions with peers and staff. Supported by trained, experienced and high energy staff, your kids will feel the freedom for creative expression, athletic prowess and scripted fun! Our campers will never look at summer camp the same after spending a week (or two) with us!
We offer week-long, summer day-camp experiences where your kids will have the opportunity to grow in self-confidence, communication, leadership, and creative skills in a healthy, interactive, and exciting environment.