How do you keep inspirations alive

Find new ideas with creative inspiration from everyday life

  • Take a closer look instead of walking past: How many steps do I climb every morning on my way to work. Everything counts: stairwells, escalators, subway entrances and exits, etc.

  • Marvel at the familiar: When you go shopping and buy the cereal for the week, check how many different types of cereal are on the shelf. Maybe you will try another one?

  • Observe: The next time a bird hops around in front of your window, take a good look at what it is making, what noises it is making, how and where it is flying.

  • Use your senses: There are almost a hundred different shades of blue. If you look at the sky now, which one do you see? Water blue, ultramarine blue, ink blue, pigeon blue or maybe cornflower blue?

  • Contact fellow human beings: Ask a friend / colleague / relative how she manages to get the whole family ready for work / school / daycare in the morning?

  • Try something new: Make a new recipe every week, preferably from a different country every time.

  • Change one little thing every day: Go to a different supermarket than usual, walk to work instead of cycling, get up half an hour earlier, or wear a color you normally never wear.

  • Stage a ritual: Take ten minutes every day (at the same time if possible) just for yourself. Meditate, do some yoga, listen to an inspiring podcast, or keep a journal.

  • Go offline: Smartphones, social media and the internet are real mindfulness killers.

  • To sum up: Every evening, name three things that you encountered during the day and that particularly moved / inspired you.