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Softbank launches Vision Fund II

Aiming for another volume of around 100 billion dollars. Financing initially with own funds.

The Japanese group Softbank has announced that it will set up a successor fund for its gigantic Vision Fund. The second fund is expected to reach a volume similar to that of the first fund at around $ 100 billion. According to CNBC, the fund will initially be financed from its own resources; other investors will only be invited after the start.

The first fund invested around 100 billion dollars in companies such as Uber, Slack and Wework, and in Germany also in Auto1 and Wirecard. The major investor in the first fund was Saudi Arabia, which holds 45 percent of the fund. Apple, Foxconn, Qualcomm and Sharp are also invested. The balance sheet has been very successful so far: the first fund has already delivered a return of 45 percent after costs to investors, the return for Softbank shareholders was 62 percent. Softbank recently reported an annual profit of $ 22 billion. CEO Masayoshi Son practices expectation management: While he set the ambitious goal of becoming one of the largest Internet companies in terms of market capitalization, he put a brake on exaggerated hopes of being able to achieve similarly high returns with the second fund.

Authors: Tim B├╝ttner

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