What are the biggest jobs in neuroscience

Neuroscience: Vacancies and Jobs

The neurosciences offer an exciting working environment that is characterized by interdisciplinary research. There are practical approaches to developing products and diagnostic methods. At academics you will find a large number of job offers in the field of neuroscience.

Neuroscience: Jobs for Researchers and Practitioners

The neurosciences deal with the structure and function of nervous systems. The focus is often on the human brain. How do the brain and nerves effect what we feel, do and perceive? The first knowledge about this was already available in antiquity. The Greek philosopher Alkmaion von Kroton, who lived around 500 BC, is considered to be the founder of scientific brain research. Among other things, the discovery of the optic nerves is attributed to him.

Today, various disciplines such as medicine, biology, chemistry and psychology meet in the field of neuroscience. Given the complexity of the human nervous system, scientists have an almost endless field of research opportunities. Those with a more practical orientation may find their calling after studying neuroscientific studies in medical technology or the pharmaceutical industry.

Job vacancies for neuroscientists: universities, clinics, industry

“Neuroscience” has been offered as a separate course for a number of years. However, depending on the chosen study and research focus, the path to this subject is also open to mathematicians or neuro-computer scientists, for example. The possible uses for neuroscientists are correspondingly diverse: They work, for example, in clinics, at universities or at specialized research institutions. As a rule, an above-average salary can be expected.

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