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Youtuber MrBeast now had to learn that you shouldn't underestimate your fans. He had allegedly posed an unsolvable puzzle to his fans for 100,000 euros.

  • Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson is on YouTube known for its curious videos
  • 22 year old YouTuber presents "the most difficult puzzle of the internet"
  • After just eight hours, the ghost is over

Greenville, California - In the past four years, could MrBeast a considerable community YouTube build up. The 22-year-old attracted attention with videos in which he gave away large sums of money to passers-by. Now he has YouTuber a whopping $ 100,000 as price written out. At his "hardest puzzle ever“Anyone could take part. After eight hours it became mystery however already solved and the lucky winner a considerable amount richer.

Full nameJimmy Donaldson
Known asMrBeast
birthdayMay 7, 1998
place of birthKansas, USA
Followers on YouTube39.6 million (as of August 2020)
Followers on Twitter6.6 million (as of August 2020)

YouTuber Mr Beast has promised $ 100,000 for the toughest puzzle of all time

The American is well known in the streaming scene. He donated tens of thousands of US dollars to Twitch streamers for his videos. Even if the last video of this kind was a while ago, the first thing that streamers and their viewers think of when making a generous donation MrBeast as a possible donor. And obviously not without reason, because in his latest video he promises a six-figure sum - and for no more than that solution one Riddle.

The YouTuber announced via Twitter, the "hardest puzzle ever". Over 100 days of work would have gone into creating the project. For those who would manage that mystery to to solve, would be $ 100,000 Prize money ready. A sum that is worth considering when considering the size of the YouTubers almost expected. However, this sum was not financed out of pocket. To such an enormous one Prize money to enable caught up MrBeast an advertising partner on land. It was sponsored by the battle royale shooter Apex Legends.

This is the world's hardest riddle! First one of you to solve it, wins $ 100,000 AND gets to be in a video. Click this link, watch this video, and good luck. You're going to need it;) https://t.co/GTj5Mw9ttQ

- MrBeast (@MrBeastYT) July 30, 2020

The game was for them solution of Riddle of great importance. According to MrBeast you had to play Apex Legends to complete one of the 26 steps of the Riddle to to solve. Whether this was actually the case cannot be precisely said, because the YouTuber from Greenville, California, tries to confuse the possible participants of the challenge in the explanatory video or trailer. For example, he throws wine gum at Baby Yoda or lets his buddy race into a Lego wall with a golf cart. All of this might or might not have mattered. According to MrBeast only the "smartest person in the world" would have this solve riddles can. This apparently made it after just 8 hours.

YouTuber puzzle solved after only eight hours - thousands are still puzzling

To the surprise of MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson is called, and all participants who took part in the mystery desperate, the large-scale operation was declared over after just 8 hours. Via Twitter reported the YouTuber to speak up and said he and his team would now confirm the correctness of the solution check.

Funnily enough MrBeast one thing on mystery underrated, namely social media. As soon as someone dies solution found out about a move, it was shared on social media. Ultimately, Discord groups were created that deal solely with specific sections of the Riddle turned. However, the majority of the participants failed in a task in which they had to scan a number of QR codes.

Whether in the end a single person or a group Prize money cashed in the amount of 100,000 US dollars is not yet known. Everyone else can Riddles from MrBeasthowever still trying too to solve or hope that the YouTuber even a video with the resolution released. Big Guesswork there was also after the meeting between Kai Pflaume and MontanaBlack. It is also still unclear what the scary monster from the Knossi fishing camp was all about. US President Donald Trump has his problems with social media. Now the most powerful man in the world wants to ban TikTok. At MontanaBlack, the coffers are known to be well filled. Now the streamer bought an old video game for € 10,000. Will TikTok soon be owned by Walmart? The supermarket chain is planning to take over the app. TikTok at the wheel? This was almost fatal for a young girl.

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