What are the negatives of Elizabeth Warren

Why the US left Sanders and Warren suddenly attack each other

The long and winding Campaign Trail, i.e. the election campaign in the USA, made its first victim: namely, the friendship of two candidates who at first glance are not so politically dissimilar. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who say they are "friends", fish as left-wing outbreaks among the twelve remaining Democratic presidential aspirants in one and the same pool of voters. That is one of the reasons why their friendship is now being put to the test.

Reason for the rift: A notepad has emerged in which Sanders' team lists his election officials arguments with the help of which potential voters are to be brought against competitor Warren while cleaning the door.

According to the "Politico" news portal, the language regulation that election workers are supposed to reel off against indecisive citizens actually comes from Sanders' campaign team - this has not yet been denied. While the paper also contains arguments against other Democratic candidates, such as ex-Vice President Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg, mayor of the small town of South Bend, an informal non-aggression pact has been in place between the two left-wing candidates. Exactly this now seems broken.

"I like Elizabeth," it says, "in truth, she is my second choice. But here are my concerns: Her supporters are well-educated, wealthy people who vote and vote for the Democrats anyway. She's not bringing in new voters Democratic Party. We have to get the dissatisfied workers to vote if we are to beat Trump. "

When asked by the website vox.com, Elizabeth Warren was disappointed: "Bernie knows me, he knows who I am and where I come from, he knows the coalition and the grassroots movement that we are trying to build."

Sanders waves it away

It is uncertain whether the request to criticize Warren actually came from Sanders himself and not from one of his employees. What is certain is that the candidate stressed on Sunday that he had "never made negative comments" about his rival within the party. And tried not to let the matter boil up: "We have more than 500 people on our campaign team. People do some things, and I'm sure that it is very similar in Elizabeth's team."

Warren's campaign manager Roger Lau immediately vented his displeasure despite Sanders' appeasement. "As a party and as a country, we cannot allow the fragmentation of 2016 to repeat itself."

The friendship between Sanders and Warren doesn't seem so unbreakable for a long time anyway, as CNN recently tried to prove. Sanders is said to have told Warren back in 2018 during a private meeting that he did not consider a woman to be too promising in the race against Donald Trump.

Now that the unflattering campaign text of the Sanders team was exposed, Warren retaliated on Monday by accusing Sanders of his more than a year old statement. He called the accusation "ludicrous" - that is, grotesque.

Head to head race

The latest poll by the newspaper "Des Moines Register", CNN and Mediacomm for the first area code in the state of Iowa shows why the two candidates are increasingly crossed. Sanders is at the top with 20 percent, followed by Warren with 17 and Buttigieg with 16 percent.

Another survey, that of Manmouth University from Monday, sees someone else on top: Biden leads with 24 percent, followed by Sanders with 18, Buttigieg with 17 and Warren with 15 percent.

Impeachment proceedings go to the Senate on Wednesday

All of them want to compete against Trump, who is facing headwinds from a completely different side at the moment. The impeachment proceedings against him will be forwarded to the Senate on Wednesday. The spokeswoman for the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced on Tuesday. The House of Representatives, which is dominated by the Democrats, voted for the procedure in a majority. The second chamber of the US Parliament, the Senate, now acts like a court in the proceedings. However, the Republicans hold the majority in this chamber - most of them are behind their party colleague Trump.

According to the Republicans, the real process should begin next Tuesday. The House of Representatives' indictments must be forwarded to the Senate, where the impeachment proceedings against Trump will be conducted. The House of Representatives must also determine who will represent the indictment against Trump in the Senate. These so-called impeachment managers should also be determined on Wednesday.

"Tomorrow we will forward these articles and appoint the impeachment managers," wrote Pelosi in the short message service Twitter. The House of Lords must now decide between "constitution and cover-up".

Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell later said "preparatory steps" for the Senate process could be done later this week. This includes the swearing-in of the senators as a jury by the US Supreme Justice John Roberts. The "actual process" should then start next Tuesday. Monday is a public holiday in the United States. (APA, Reuters, January 14, 2020)