Who recorded the first audio book

Audiobook production is usually associated with high costs. The speaker, recording studio, recording manager (direction) and audio mastering are paid for. In addition, there are the rights of use and fees for the KSK (Artists Social Fund). Audiobook production can be an expensive investment; you can quickly run into costs of several thousand euros. How exactly do these costs arise?

What does an audio book production at liberaudio cost?

I cannot speak out in favor of what other recording studios charge for an audio book production. But I can show you how the costs for an audio book production are calculated at liberaudio.

liberaudio would like to keep the costs for the audio book production as low as possible and still deliver a quality result. That is why we offer different models.

There are three basic factors behind audiobook costs:

    1. Is audiobook production paid in full?
    2. Is it a license-based production? or
    3. Do we produce on a participation basis?

Audiobook production costs: The author / publisher bears 100% of the costs

The usual variant is that the author or publisher bears 100% of the costs of the audio book production.

The cost of a production depends on the duration of the audio book and the price of the speaker. In detail, the investment is made up as follows:

  • Manuscript preparation per hour of running time (70 EUR)
  • Speaker price per hour of running time (from 250 EUR)
  • Sound technology per hour of running time (100 EUR)
  • Quality control per runtime hour (70 EUR)
  • Service package (from 250 EUR)

If your audio book is 4 hours long (corresponds to a number of words of approx. 32,000), then the audio book production costs around 2,210 EUR.

If the author would like to present his audio book himself, we also offer this option. In this case, there are no costs for the speaker. But the author gets a voice training and goes to the recording studio, so the production becomes more expensive overall. The effort is simply greater.

Audiobook production costs: liberaudio buys licenses

Purchasing the audiobook license is the most common method, especially for bestselling books.

So we buy the rights to the audio book, pay a one-time license fee and give the book publisher a low percentage of the audio book sales. In return, we will produce the audio book at our own expense.

So far we have found that this method pays off for us.

Audiobook production costs: the publishing house and liberaudio share the costs and sales

Another method that we have already implemented several times is participation production, in which the book publisher and liberaudio share the costs of production, e.g. 50%. The costs are shared, but so are the sales.

How quickly do the costs pay off?

Since there are so many factors that make a bestselling audiobook, this question is very difficult to answer. Nobody can give a guarantee of solid income. Here I can only share our experiences that contribute to an audio book selling well and the Costs back within 3 to 6 months are.

5 elements of a successful audiobook

Three of these elements play a role in the creation of the audiobook. And two elements are relevant after publication.

# 1: the audiobook cover sells 80%

The audiobook cover represents the first visual contact between the buyer and the audiobook. You should therefore have a beautiful, eye-catching cover designed; strong colors, little text, clear keywords.

# 2: The audio book booklet with a link to your website

At Audible, for example, audiobook buyers can download a booklet for the audiobook in their app - but only if the author makes this available. In this booklet you can provide further information about the audio book, such as the graphics, tables, pictures, etc. You can also leave a URL for your website or for a specific offer.

# 3: Asking for a review

How often do you rate something that you buy? Most of the time you write a review if you don't like something. So remind your listeners that you live from reviews and if they like the audiobook, please let them conveniently leave a short review in their app.

# 4: A successful audiobook launch

A launch is the time when the audiobook is published for the first time. The louder you announce the launch, the better for selling the audiobook. The best example is Apple. Before they launch a new product, the whole world knows that something new is about to happen.

So use your entire capacity and reach to announce the launch of the audiobook.

Our last audiobook launch generated sales of over 11,000 EUR brought in.

# 5: Post-launch advertising

Don't rest after the first launch. Once the audio book is online, you can place advertising. Unfortunately not on Audible and also not on Amazon. But on Facebook and Instagram.

If you sell your audio book through liberaudio, we can advertise your audio book through other shops.