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(Fallout 3)

Christian says:

The good news in advance. Fallout Shelter is better than its big namesake. Well, after the negative experience we had with this game, it wasn't that difficult at all. But there is also a disenchantment, Fallout Shelter is not that great either.

Blue ensures that his injured worker is healed again.

Not only is the metal box a nice eye-catcher. The material also perfectly captures the principles of the brand and shows us a lot of things that video game veterans immediately recognize. That makes for a pleasant gut feeling. Getting started is not particularly difficult either, so you can get started almost immediately after unpacking. Bit by bit, the bunker builds up in front of you and the many workers who can be placed in the course of a move ensure the bustle factor known from the old settlers PC game. All in all a guarantee for a great game.

There seems to be a lot going on later in the game.

Unfortunately, however, Fallout Shelter hardly has any exciting moments. It is more of a splash. Why not, because I don't have to work very hard to get hold of raw materials and convert them into points. I don't have to build machinery or find cool chain effects. That makes my moves almost irrelevant. So much so that you are hardly happy when you get a lot of raw materials with a good move. Because to overlook this you would need tomatoes on your eyes. However, here and now I am unraveling the big secret of how to win in Fallout Shelter. Provides many workers that you can use.

With our raw materials, we can afford the infirmary, which we then place next to our elevator.

Of course, this tip is meant to be tongue in cheek, as worker placement games aim to do just that in most cases. But here it is the only thing that you have to pay attention to. Because raw materials are always available and many workers provide a lot of raw materials. The equipment ensures that a few, better moves are possible if you do it a little skillfully. But, as mentioned above, these are so obvious that it couldn't be celebrated as a discovery.

At the end of this game we had 12 points and we lost mercilessly. But who sees the trick, how to generate a lot of raw materials with this equipment?

A factor of luck that should not be underestimated comes into play here. Because if I collect certain equipment for victory points, it doesn't have to mean that it actually comes into play. Or no matter how well equipped I am, it doesn't mean I have to defeat a threat.

Ok, the dangers look cool. Unfortunately, they just don't bring enough variety into the game.

So Fallout Shelter is "just" a nice game for in between. Fans of the universe will recognize a lot and be happy about it. In the long run, however, there is only a moderate, playful experience that you like to play along with, but not necessarily demand.