Should I sell my shares in Intel?

Intel share currently Intel: Stock in Free Fall - Can This Ground Be Sustained?

Trend analysis based on 6 months: Once again, it was the quarterly results that tore a big hole in the chart for Intel shares. Until the balance sheet date, investors had great hopes that the situation at the chip giant would improve significantly. The numbers were actually good. The consensus estimates were easily beaten on both the revenue and profit side. The outlook for the coming quarter has largely been confirmed and the outlook for the year is also on target. It was then the somewhat too steep rise of the last few months, which did not quite fit into the overall picture. Good numbers are all well and good, but to be able to justify a price increase of 50 percent within a few months, you need a little more.

The current prices, charts, dividends and key figures for Intel shares can be found here.

Expert opinion: At least one thing is clear. The upward trend is off the table for the time being. The price gap that was torn down was not even attempted to close by the bulls - not a really good signal. Open gaps have a strong signaling effect in the direction that has arisen and so the sell-off has continued in the last few weeks. The Intel share has currently reached an extremely important floor with the pivot low of January. This must absolutely be kept, otherwise the fall to up to 45 USD would threaten. In the short term, at least an upward countermovement is to be expected.