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Online dating is safe for people over 50 - most of the time. But like everything, there is a way people can use it. There are a few malicious people who are on their own who can be dangerous to you. You need to have some rules that you follow all the time to be safe.

Keep your address private

When you first meet someone, they should always be in a public place. Indeed, until you much know about this person, the person should never know your home address. Someone can appear like a normal guy or a balanced woman and transform into something else.

Until you are absolutely certain that this won't happen, the person should never know your address. In fact, if the person acts hurt or angry because you don't want to share this information, take that as a bad sign.

Do your due diligence

The great thing about dating in the digital age is that you have so many opportunities to find someone and see if the person has been honest with you. If he says he graduated magna cum laude, you can look it up in school books (and by the way, find out if he actually went to a particular school).

When he says he worked in a bank, it's pretty easy to track too. If you are suspicious or a little bit paranoid, why worry? Use your favorite search engine to find basic information. Online search companies can find out if your date ever had a misdemeanor or a felony.

You can also do direct due diligence. Invite friends to meet up and network a little. For example, you can find people who went to the same high school your date went to, or people who know someone who went to that high school. Sooner or later, you can find people who were in your appointment class and maybe take a look at the yearbook.

In most cases, you can make some mutual friends, or at least acquaintances, even if you think of yourself as fairly unfamiliar. A little bit of detective work isn't unethical; Most people expect it these days!

Stick to paid websites

There are paid and unpaid online dating websites. For your own safety, forgive the money for those who have been paid. The reason is that it is difficult to track people on unpaid sites.

Because the paid websites have credit card information, they can verify that people have made complaints against them and that they comply with the complaint. If that is the case, they are kicking people off the site and making it safer for everyone.

Set up meetings in a public place during the day

The first few meetings should take place in a coffee shop in daylight and last about 20 minutes; if the meeting goes well, you can always stretch it out. But agreeing on 20 minutes allows polite interaction when there is no chemistry or interest.

They shouldn't meet for a night, nor should they meet anywhere in isolation. In addition, if you are a woman, never let that guy out in your car, even in daylight. Ninety-nine percent of the time would be fine, but you should still be concerned about the 1 percent.

You go online to meet people you would not otherwise have met. Not only do you know these people, you also don't know anyone who knows them. This type of anonymity is at your own risk, so you really need to be careful not to put yourself in an awkward situation where no one would notice if you were threatened.