What are the basics of modern cosmology

The standard cosmological model

“The author succeeds in conveying the ideas, concepts and evidence of the cosmological standard model and illuminating certain aspects more precisely in the right places without“ getting lost ”in details ...”
Particularly noteworthy: “The design of the book with questions and notes in the margin, the highlighting of particularly important results in the layout and the use of specialization boxes are very convincing. ... The colored images, including photos, are a very successful addition. " (Kai Müller, Physics Institute, Heidelberg University)

"A very legible and contemporary representation of the cosmological standard model"
Particularly noteworthy: “The text sections set off in grayscale, as well as those that are framed, increase the clarity significantly. The occasional colored illustration, which can be even more, increases the pleasure of reading. " (Prof. Dr. Plankl Johann, Physics, Electrodynamics, Building Physics, Deggendorf University of Technology)

“In the didactically well prepared work, important formulas and statements are highlighted in gray. Small questions stimulate thinking, physical quantities are calculated in numerous examples. Mathematics is used to the extent necessary. A successful work, recommended for libraries with a corresponding student readership. " (Michael Mücke, ekz.bibliotheksservice GmbH)

"Very readable textbook with interesting historical references"
Particularly noteworthy: "Graphics and images." (Franz Maier, electrical engineering and electronics, HTL Ried)