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PS Senators with their fists raised against racism


At the end of the plenary session of the Senate on Friday, Senators of the Francophone Socialists (PS) appeared on the grand staircase of Parliament with their fists raised.

In this way they wanted to pay homage to the American Georges Floyd and to reaffirm their fight against racism, it said.

"We are against racist statements, such as are increasingly being made both inside and outside our home," said the socialist senators. "Racism is not an opinion, but a crime and must never be played down."

The Senate plenary session was also used by the Senators of the Flemish N-VA to wear a yellow and black protective mask in the colors of Flanders, in contrast to the President of the MR, Georges-Louis Bouchez, who wore his now famous mask in the colors the Belgian flag, black-yellow-red, appeared. (cre)

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Not only Belgium is discussing its colonial history. # Colonies # Racism # LeopoldIIhttps: //t.co/7qlzo9jbu5pic.twitter.com/8tqbreMTIl

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UPDATED - Statues of King Leopold II: Princess Esmeralda of Belgium for referendum and apology. # Belgium # Racism # LeopoldII @ OliverPaasch @ iweykmans @ pascal_arimont @ KattrinJadinhttps: //t.co/zf34v88zWIpic.twitter.com/VDbuO3P4zM

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  1. Luckily it was the left arm that they reached up….

    • No offense, but that is a threat if you raise your fist against something that communists themselves have caused. You communists wanted the problem and got it by creating it yourself. This is called self-fulfilling prophecy and is a political tool that even the Leopold royal family used to achieve its goal. That's why you are the racists. You use the people, whether black or white, who are to serve as representatives of your machinations. You are a danger to peaceful coexistence. It's unbelievable how far you go!

  2. This is the template:

  3. Pure hypocrisy.

    The Reds are not always so strict about the principle of equality. Instead of skin color, religion or nationality, the diploma is used as a criterion. Only those who have a university or college degree can make a career with them. This kind of disadvantage is as bad as racism.

    • Puppets. Look at the photo. Embarrassing and awkward!

    • You post crap here, Mr. Scholzen eimerscheid. Could it be that for whatever reason something like "frustration" has built up for you ???

      • I am angry about this hypocrisy, which I know from my own experience. Outwardly, they play the noble knight for social justice and internally, workers and craftsmen are treated like second-class people. You don't forget that. The question arises as to the raison d'être of such a party. With other parties too, of course. The corona crisis has messed up the whole political system. And that's good. It can only get better. Crisis situations are always an opportunity for more democracy, citizen participation and fundamental changes.

        • Marcel Scholzen eimerscheid: From your earlier comments, I had already thought that you would have had one or the other negative experience with the socis.
          I don't know what the situation is like in Wallonia or DG, but for Vlaanderen I can give you a few other examples where a university degree did not play a role within the SP.a: Daniel Termont (Accountant AII) Rudy Coddens (Nursing Manager Jan Palfijn Hospital), Funda Oru (social worker OCMW), Meryame Kitir (assembly line worker Ford Genk) etc. etc. and yet it is a reality, many of the socis have one or the other university degree, but by no means ALL !!!
          As I said, I don't know the situation within PS. But if you are right, then it is also up to the party members to make changes here.

          • The top management of the SP consists of academics. These are the party president, minister, PdG parliamentary group chairman, PdG president, only the SP Provincial Councilor Ossemann has a technical training.

            The SP is a public service party. They can't do much with craftsmen and workers. In 2015 it had to be fought hard to keep the May Day celebration. None has been done since 2016. Actually an absurdity for a socialist party.

            • I understand your displeasure, Mr. Scholzen! We are different here in Ghent
              structured. From accountants to care providers, various social workers,
              a few retirees and various craftsmen! The May 1st celebration was canceled only this year. Corona! The advisory cabinet of citizens consisted of 99.99% craftsmen / workers and yes, I was the only one
              University graduate, albeit with additional master craftsman training!
              I understand your displeasure, but to be honest isn't all party work an uphill battle for an opinion and direction of a socialist party?
              We lead these struggles in the SP.a too, but surrender or surrender only because the party office has a different conception that is unrealistic
              pass is not an option for many of my fellow campaigners and with success.
              Surrender / abandonment / frustration should not be an option for you and your fellow campaigners, AND NOW, I SEE THE BETTER WAY!

              • Hello, Mr. van Compernolle,
                Here is your former friend Willi. I, too, never got a good place in the Socialist Party and therefore never got very far in elections. Even though, as a Bofrost man, I knew a lot of people.

                • How was the theft ??? It's not about knowing a lot of people, I also know them, not only in Belgium, but about the credibility of the candidate and about persuasiveness, which is based on character and decency.

                  • Willi is an honest person who has made his little mistake public.
                    But the real, big thieves play something for the stupid people. You have to watch these crooks constantly so that one day you can convict them of charlatanry.

                • Dear Willi,
                  I think I have noticed that Mr. Alfons no longer appreciates you so much, especially since you made your little mistake (I only say 5P spinach) public.
                  Mr. van Compernolle prefers to stand behind our blue-blooded royal family with his ingenious Filip. His great-great-uncle robbed Africa badly and caused millions of deaths, but Mr. van Compernolle is not as strict as you are with you.
                  With socialist greetings, Theresa

              • Something like that is called: stubbornness to the bitter end. Honestly, how can we be so ... stubborn?

              • You are simply lucky in Flanders. In the DG, the SP is a cadre party and not a people's party. There are no real internal party debates. A line is given from above and if you don't stick to it, you get stones in your way. That is why many left disappointed. Wanted to be creative in politics and got sticks between their legs. The abolished May Day celebration says enough. They are no longer interested in the common people.

                • It may well be, Mr Scholzen, that we were lucky in Flanders, among others! I also understand that many S.P / PS members left the party out of disappointment. But honestly, Mr. Scholzen, shouldn't this development have had to be countered massively at times?
                  There are trends already some time before the epochal changes ??? No, I am not blaming you! There are no "LITTLE" people, only fellow human beings with different somatics! Diplomas, no matter which ones, still do not make a character person. The same applies to the nobility!
                  What I find, however, is that with Filip we have a head of state close to the people! I see that this person is related to Leopold II as unfortunate. The question is, can Filip be held responsible for the inhuman mistakes his great-grandfather made? That the moments of Leopold II
                  I see it as indispensable, as it were, like an honest and open processing of the Belgian Congo events, along with a few other Belgian misconducts! True, the abolished May 1st celebration also tells me enough about the state of the S.P / PS, but who is preventing you from having your own May 1st
                  Organize demo ??

                  • How was the theft ??? ... in the Congo ???

                    • Here, I think, I should intervene again to arbitrate.
                      On the one hand, we have the good comrade and former Bofrost employee Willi Müller, who was loyal to a “crime” and came out, thus showing a small human weakness. The man corresponds integrally to the classic, unfortunately dying, simple representative of the working class: loyal, hardworking, modest and above all honest.
                      On the other side is Alfons van Compernolle, my friend and colleague, an old socialist concrete head who never tires of holding up the holy grail of true socialism. Perversely and completely atypical for a red sock, this one also stands behind the Belgian royal family and adores the current king actor Filip in a perverse way, to whom he certifies “closeness to the people”, although he has probably never met the man. Likewise, my friend Alfons likes to wave his degree at university, only to then reassuringly interject that this is not important to him at all and that he is a person of practice, he always preferred to tinker with propellers and help pollute the world's oceans; yes, that's how close he is to the people, our master craftsman engineer.
                      Both extremes, the simple Willi and the salon socialist and show-off Alfons both belong to the spectrum of the Sozen. One steals to feed his family, the other steals our time with self-righteous nonsense.
                      So it is, the world, beautiful and colorful. Please make an agreement and do not judge anyone.
                      Your Reidi

                    • An excellent analysis on your part, colleague!
                      I am sure of my congratulations.

                    • Thank you very much, colleague. I wish you and your dear wife a nice, peaceful afternoon.
                      Stay healthy

                    • Where is my Dr. H. c. (honoris causa) wish?

                    • Hello, Comrade (?) Reidenbachler
                      I am both amazed and grateful that you, ordinary people, protected me from the hostility and degradation of Comrade van Compernolle. This is true with all his might for refugees of all kinds and lifts Ms. Merkel on a pedestal that is almost as high as that of his favorite Filip. Not all choirboys are refugees, but when they "pass away" the fine Mr. AvC generously turns a blind eye, although there is often more to it than a few packages of expired spinach.
                      Thanks again and I remain with socialist greetings
                      Your Willi Müller

  4. A party (especially the organized political ones) against racism?
    That is a contradiction in terms! Parties live from racism right now.
    Those who differentiate themselves from others, think they are better, maybe even support partisan ultras and pursue some kind of clan policy, are acting for racist motives and against their own 'people'!
    Anyone who means it honestly with his 'against racism' statement should leave the party (s) without ifs or buts!

  5. Has this tax money-guzzling, completely unnecessary apparatus still not been dismantled?

  6. En net, ça donne quoi? Environment 6,000 euros par mois. Selon les calculs de Jean Faniel, un député fédéral (régime isolé) touche exactement 5,950 euros, un parlementaire wallon, flamand ou de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles 6,118 euros and un député bruxellois 6,081 euros. Les sénateurs, dont le train de vie a été réduit lors de la dernière réforme de l’État, gagneraient around 500 euros net de moins.
    The black guy who runs behind the garbage truck with us, for maybe 1200 € to 1500 €, is certainly impressed by such "solitude". One makes a fist in your pocket ...

  7. It seems to me that the demos and gestures against racism are just as hype as the rallies for the climate. George Floyd serves a purpose similar to Greta Thunberg's, if you will. By participating in such demos, you want to stylize yourself as a better person.

  8. racism is bad, it has to be discussed objectively

  9. Submission and ingratiation have never saved anyone's neck when the going gets tough.

  10. A grand and honest gesture from the ladies and gentlemen, which gives me great respect. Great!

    • Kneel down in front of us! We missed you so much that you caused us great pain. Shame on you!

    • Danger! If you pull up your arm through Eupen, don't confuse left with right….

  11. Communism seems to be really in right now. Psychopaths.

  12. And our Mr. Miesen, doesn't he have anything against racism or what?

  13. Wow, if these people manage to raise their fists for a press photo, then you forget how completely useless they are. I'm so glad we have posers like that.

  14. Why do these Catholic Belgians not make a sign of the cross and pray an Our Father together with Catholics of all countries and races?
    Is Jesus no longer a role model?
    What other role models do “our politicians” have?
    * a useless philosopher like Karl Marx, who only wrote to get the paper full, becomes socially acceptable again
    * a felon like George Floyd is stylized as a martyr
    * a ignorant figure like Greta Thunberg becomes an idol…. for the ignorant! But since these ignorant people don't know anything, they don't know either.
    * a refugee smuggler like Carola Rackete, where everyone comes across to Europe, even if there is no need for asylum.


    • Your list should also include all the "stars", especially from the 90s and the "reality tv" programs (lawyers' programs, RTL, Sat4, 6Sat, Pro something, ...). Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Daniel Kübeldingsbums, etc. For decades something like this has been faked as "heroes" among young people and people. Rappers and rap videos: Not sexist, not racist, ecological, non-violent, right? ;-))
      It only makes sense from the perspective of reversing values. Not least because (referred to as traditional) “leftists”, HATE individual achievements. Only bad things come from great people, only the people, the masses make good history. THIS is something of 180 ° from reality! The masses are there to be mastered by great people. "History's not made by great men" used to be sung by the ultra-Marxist Gang of Four, and that's wrong.

    • "Herr" Scholzen ": Probably because Jesus was the main pretext to turn the savages discovered in the jungle into people?
      Do you remember the nodding Negro "For our missions" ??

      • You are wrong here.
        The colonial rulers came first, the Christian missionaries later.
        This was already the case with the Arab slave traders in Africa: first came the slave traders, the Islamization of parts of black Africa came much later.
        In Latin America it was the Church that granted the Indians human rights, and the Catholic colonial rulers had to accept this.
        I don't want to approve of everything that was handled “Christian”.
        But you shouldn't mess everything:


    • @Guido Scholzen
      There are no more role models - there are only false teachers.

    • Hello Mr. Scholzen,

      You write: "... * a felon like George Floyd is stylized as a martyr ..."

      Unfortunately, the videos only show the deeds of the "bad cops", what happened before is not shown (for whatever reason!). Is there any evidence that Floyd was a felon?

      • Wiki excerpt:
        “Between 1997 and 2007, Floyd was convicted of criminal offenses nine times in the Harris County Judicial District, according to the Daily Mail. The legal violations he was accused of included drug offenses, theft, trespassing, refusal to identify a police officer and robbery with a deadly weapon. After several stays in prison, each lasting less than a year, Floyd was sentenced in 2009 to five years in prison for a robbery against a pregnant woman, committed in 2007. After his release in 2014, he and friends moved to Minneapolis to start a new life. "

    • Stop wishing for "democracy"; you will live better knowing that "democracy" will never happen.If I think how democracy works in Europe today, I'm glad that when I was 18 I no longer believed in it ...

  15. Did they also sang “C’est la lutte finale” in a good old tradition?
    Would be suitable for the party of scandals….
    Publfin, Van Cau, Daerden, Lizin, Cools, etc. isv

  16. Were the ladies and gentlemen too fine to fall on their knees? Since then, I've been falling on my knees for every migrant I meet. The least that can be done.

  17. But Guido thinks he knows everything and is constantly JUDGING.

  18. Are there any negative sides to the Black Lives Matter movement?

    This post will be LONG.

    A professor at UC Berkley, California, who is black himself, wrote the following letter to the rest of the professors in the university's history department:


    Translation from English:

    Dear Professors X, Y, Z

    I am one of your colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley. I got to know you both personally, but I don't know you better and I will contact you anonymously with an apology. I am concerned that writing this email publicly could result in my losing my job, and likely any future jobs in my area of ​​expertise.
    In your recent emails to the services you mentioned our commitment to diversity, but I am increasingly concerned about the lack of diversity of opinion on the issue of the recent protests and our community response to them.

    In the extended links and resources you provided, I couldn't find a single example of a substantive counterargument or alternative narrative to explain the underrepresentation of blacks in academia or their overrepresentation in the criminal justice system. The explanation in your documentation, which almost excludes everyone else, is univariate: the problems of the black community are caused by whites or, when whites are not physically present, by the invasion of white supremacy and white systemic racism into American brains, souls and institutions.

    Many sound objections to this thesis have been raised by sober voices, including from the black community itself, such as Thomas Sowell and Wilfred Reilly. These people are not racists or "Uncle Toms". They are intelligent scholars who reject a narrative that incapacitates blacks and systematically exposes the problems of the black community. Their point of view is completely absent in the communiqués at the departmental and UCB levels.

    The claim that the difficulties faced by the black community are fully causally explained by exogenous factors in the form of white systemic racism, white supremacy, and other forms of discrimination against whites remains a problematic hypothesis used by historians should be vigorously challenged. Instead, it is treated as an axiomatic and actionable truth, without seriously considering its profound shortcomings or its troubling implication of total black impotence. This hypothesis changes our institution and our culture, with no room for dissent outside of a strictly controlled, narrow discourse.
    There is a counter-narrative. If you have the time, please consider reviewing some of the documents I am enclosing at the bottom of this email.