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The meat of the many + review +

Escape to the haunted house

A demonstration, a counter-demonstration and a resulting street battle. In this situation, a young couple urgently needs a hiding place in order to escape their pursuers. So Jana and Tim end up in The flesh of the many in the abandoned and barricaded Grand Hotel Astoria in Leipzig for 20 years. While the violence is raging outside, the two are looking for a way to get out of the hotel. Because slowly they get the feeling that they have been locked up not only alone, but also.

Horror and hair

The story of Jana, Tim and the Grand Hotel Astoria is presented to us in comic form on 66 pages. Gloomy, reduced stylized and also merging images show us the oppressive atmosphere in the abandoned hotel. Macabre comparisons in the narrative add to the creepy mood. What is hidden behind the shadows and is it really leading the hotel deeper and deeper? Or is it just her imagination? The dust and especially the hair in the hotel are a particular cause of concern for Jana.

After Jurek Malottke's adaptation of the comic, Kai Meyer's eerie story follows on fourteen pages in the form of a novel. This is how you can find out what scares you more. But especially the pages following the novel with the sketch material should have a special incentive for comic fans. Different approaches to coloring are shown here. What influence the coloring has on the sensations when reading a comic becomes clear here very quickly. Without the right colors, the creepy, depressing theme of the comic couldn't have been staged as clearly as it is in this completed short story. The panels are sometimes arranged in a classic, sometimes more experimental manner. The reader is drawn straight into the story of the haunted house in Leipzig.



The flesh of the many

Author: Kai Meyer
Draftsman: Jurek Malottke
Hardcover with 96 pages
ISBN: 978-3-96219-214-3
Published on: November 20, 2018
at Splitter Verlag

The comic was made available to me as a free review copy. This does not affect my opinion.

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