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FLIR - the world's leading supplier of infrared thermal imaging cameras

TUESDAY 13 October 2020

FLIR introduces the new Elara ™ FR-345-EST thermal camera for fast and accurate screening of high skin temperatures.

  • automatic guidance on correct measurement for improved accuracy and better flow of people through screening checkpoints
  • automatically measures and recognizes the inner canthus
    (Point in the inner corner of the eye - the warmest point on the surface of a person's body)
  • no PC desktop software required for operation
  • improved speed and accuracy

Employees are returning to their workplaces, travelers are flying again and fans are slowly returning to the stadiums. Technology, which is focused on maintaining health and safety in semi-public and private venues, remains crucial to slow the spread of COVID-19.

In response, FLIR Systems today announced the FLIR Elara ™ FR-345-EST on, a permanently mounted radiometric thermal safety camera that measures the increased skin temperature (EST) contactlessly and precisely, even without a reference temperature source. This system provides a safe and effective environment at busy airports, stadiums, commercial buildings and production facilities to quickly record the skin temperature at access control points. The Elara FR-345-EST automatically guides the test subjects to the part of the body that is closest to the Correlated body temperature: the inner canthus without sacrificing social distancing guidelines.

The Elara FR-345-EST camera can serve as a stand-alone system with no desktop software or as part of a broader access control program designed to improve the flow of people for screening at elevated skin temperatures while improving accuracy and meeting the needs of personal safety and Bringing convenience into harmony. It also integrates with a wide variety of third-party video management systems (VMS), including FLIR United VMS, to enable rapid integration with existing security infrastructure and avoid additional risk to the IT security of the network.

Improved speed and accuracy

Using built-in algorithms and a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), the on-screen interactive prompts help identify glasses, correct posture, positioning and head orientation as individuals go through the screening process. In this way, the artificial intelligence of the camera can automatically locate and measure the temperature at the inner canthus with an accuracy of ± 0.5 ° C.

The improved AI capabilities with the on-camera software also improve the screening assessment time to an average of one second per person (after the subject is in a stationary position in front of the camera and after the glasses have been removed) around the rows of workers, To keep spectators, guests, students and patients moving and to clear possible traffic jams at checkpoints *. The self-screening process provides instant go / no-go feedback and the adaptive alarm threshold function can be used to minimize false alarms and account for natural fluctuations in body temperature throughout the day.

The Elara FR-345-EST reduces set-up time and calibration and at the same time improves the operator's decision-making process in real time through on-edge analysis. Now the operator can simply start himself by connecting the camera to a smart monitor with a web browser to display a live user interface. While the camera eliminates the need for a dedicated operator for EST frontline screening **, integrators, customers and their staff can still expect a seamless user experience.

The camera can also be customized to meet specific integrator or customer requirements. In addition, FLIR provides advanced training and support for customers and users to properly set up, operate and maintain the system.

Starting today, the Elara FR-345-EST is available worldwide through authorized dealers. Shipping is expected to begin in the fourth quarter. More information is available at

* For the most accurate temperature readings, FLIR EST cameras capture heat and do not require any personal information during the screening process.

** FLIR EST screening solutions should be viewed as part of a broader health and safety screening program. FLIR EST cameras are not medical devices and a second reading by a doctor is always recommended.