What do albatrosses look like

Giant bird albatross

The albatross. Up to three meters fifty wingspan. One of the largest living sea birds. Albatrosses are known for being good fliers, but having problems taking off and landing. You can sail for miles without flapping your wings. Not even thermal updrafts are needed, the giant of the air, the normal winds at sea are enough to glide almost motionless through the air. Albatrosses spend most of their lives in the air or on the water. The birds only go to the coast for breeding or courtship games. Albatrosses are busy with their brood for almost a full year, which is why most species only breed every other year. The giants of the air are monogamous and meet the partner of the previous time at every courtship. The male is there a few days beforehand and defends the nesting site against competitors. When the two then meet, they take their time. A ritual of greeting. It seems like lovers who finally see each other again. Albatrosses mostly eat squid but also small fish and crustaceans. There are over 20 species of albatross. Most of them live above the oceans of the southern hemisphere, and when albatrosses are courting their calls can be heard from afar. They raise their heads, lift their wings and rub their beaks. Another albatross ritual. Since the giants of the air are such good sailors, they can undertake "air walks" thousands of kilometers before heading back to the mainland.