How much does the abortion pill cost

Abortion pill: until when can you take it and how much does it cost?

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The abortion pill can be prescribed by the doctor up to the 63rd day after the start of the last period. It contains the active ingredient mifepristone. Cancellation using the abortion pill takes several days and the women usually have to bear the costs themselves. They amount to around 300 to 400 euros. The abortion pill causes the body to reject a fertilized egg after it has implanted and divided in the uterus. In around 95 percent of cases, women are no longer pregnant after an abortion with the abortion pill. Some women report side effects such as heavy bleeding.

Mifepristone is only allowed in Germany for drug abortionbut not used for contraception.

Doctors are allowed to use mifepristone in Europe until the 63rd day Prescribe after the start of the last period.

Before a woman is given the abortion pill, a gynecologist will examine her thoroughly. To terminate the pregnancy, the woman then swallows three tablets with the active ingredient mifepristone. She then has to stay a few hours for observation in the practice or clinic so that the doctor can quickly initiate treatment in the event of possible side effects (e.g. severe bleeding). The woman receives no later than two days later two tablets with a so-called prostaglandin. This drug ensures that the killed cells are excreted.

A follow-up examination takes place after a week. The gynecology department carries out another ultrasound examination and checks the pregnancy hormones in the blood. In approximately 95 percent In these cases, women after an abortion with the abortion pill are no longer pregnant and the pregnancy tissue is completely excreted. The gynecologist rarely has to carry out a so-called curettage (scraping), during which he removes the dead cells from the uterus.

Women who decide to terminate pregnancy with the abortion pill must do so costs for this as a rule wear yourself. The statutory health insurances usually only pay for the medical advice before the abortion as well as medication and treatments necessary to protect health.

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