When do you wear heels

Questions about shoes / high heels

Hello everybody,
I once put together a couple of questions about shoes / high heels. Even if there have been some questions here or there, I hope to get many answers from you. Thanks!
LG, Svenja.

1. How old are you and how long have you been wearing what heel height?
2. What is the maximum heel height you wear in everyday life?
3. What is your favorite heel height?
4. What is your shoe size?
5. What kind of shoes do you wear?
6. Do you wear your shoes barefoot, with nylons or how else?
7. Do you play with your shoes in between?
8. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
9. Which shoes do you dislike at all?

Here my answers:

1. I'm 32, when I was around 15 I had my first pair of shoes with about 6 cm heels, and since I was 18 I also had taller shoes.
2. In everyday life between zero (ballerinas) and so 8 - 9 cm, a maximum of 11 cm without and 15 cm with plateau.
3. In everyday life 6 7 cm, when going away 8-10 cm
4. I wear 40/41
5. Ballerinas, sneakers (mostly made of leather), sandals, pumps like lace-up or strappy pumps, ankle boots, boots and everything with a platform.
6. Whenever possible with nylons (also boots and sometimes sneakers), rarely with socks (sneakers / boots in winter), pumps barefoot in summer.
7. I love to slip out of my shoes and play with ballerinas / pumps barefoot or with nylons.
8. A total of approx. 40, of which about half are high heels (over 8 cm)
9. Crocs, flip flops and running shoes