How do you hold the ambush?

Translation of "ambushed" in english

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Kurtz's patrols are frequent in the highlands ambushed.
Kurtz's patrols in the highlands coming under frequent ambush.
And then we were on the street ambushed.
Werth's unit became ambushed and captured.
On October 31, 1864, an entire company of the 5th U.S. Cavalry that came from Fort Benlin to destroy him was at the Rostes Ranch ambushed and massacred.
On October 31, 1864 ... an entire company of the 5th United States Cavalry ... sent out from Fort Benlin to destroy him ... was ambushed and massacred at the Rostes ranch.
And you have Carleon ambushedby using these tunnels.
And you ambushed Carleon using these old tunnels!
Looks like Emilio's Compadres want us ambushed.
His troops were at Hunain, in a deep ravine ambushed and almost put to flight.
They are looking for a guide, work in the place where the motorcade is ambushed has been.
They're looking for a lead, working the scene where the motorcade was ambushed.
A British fleet was on its way back from Fort Ontario when it was met by a group of French and Indians ambushed has been.
The battle commenced after a British fleet, returning from delivering supplies to Fort Ontario, was ambushed by a party of French and Indians.
One of those men who ambushed is Tyree, the friend I lived here with.
We are on our search ambushed been!
We have been ambushed during our searoh for Lei.
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