How to update GTA 5 online

GTA 5 update: how to update the game on all consoles

In order to always get the latest bug fixes and features, you should update GTA 5 regularly. In this game tip, we will tell you how you can bring the game up to date on all consoles and thereby also correct errors.

GTA 5: how to update the game

In order for you to receive new content for GTA 5, the game must always be up to date - it requires an update.

  • Before the update can be installed on your console, you must first download it.
  • To do this, simply start GTA 5 and confirm the message, if it exists, so that the update can be downloaded.
  • Some updates have to be installed before you can start the game.
  • After the update has finished downloading, it will be installed automatically.
  • So wait for the process to finish. The game will then also start automatically.

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