Is Eminem in a gang

Two weeks after his spontaneous release of the LP “Kamikaze”, Eminem presents the music video for “Lucky You” and takes all rappers from Korn who try to copy him.

No time for bad newcomers
On August 31, 2018, Eminem released his latest studio album “Kamikaze”, which was produced in collaboration with Dr. Dre was born and soared to the top of the charts right in the UK. A little later he promoted the work with the visualization of the single “Fall”, declared war on all haters and slipped back into his alter ego Slim Shady.

A week has now passed, the 45-year-old performer dropped another music video for the song “Lucky You”, which was produced in cooperation with Joyner Lucas, marched with his colleague through a destroyed city and was finally followed by men who were dressed in dark , had red eyes and were supposed to symbolize Eminem's imitators. When the rappers noticed the gang and understood that they would just imitate them, the track stopped and Em made fun of them with funny movements that were copied again.

Above all, however, the song should confront all so-called “mumble rappers” who cannot drop real bars and who, according to Em, have not understood the meaning of the genre. “Hatata batata, why don't we make a bunch of fuckin 'songs about nothin' and mumble‘ em, ”the 45-year-old explained in“ Lucky You ”.

Click here for the funny music video:

Not the first time
If this symbolism sounded familiar to you, we can help you on your way: As early as 2000, when Eminem released his clip for “Slim Shady”, he staged his imitators in white straitjackets as clones and, thanks to his witty, took them off Skits all power: