How do I remember my wifi password

If you've forgotten your master password or can't unlock 1Password

Get help if you are having trouble unlocking 1Password because you lost your master password or it is not accepted.

The password you use to unlock 1Password is called the “Master Password”. It is also the password you use to log in to if you have a 1Password account.

If you've forgotten your master password, follow the steps below to try to regain your access. As soon as you have unlocked 1Password again, you can change your master password.

If you think you can still remember your master password

If you think you know your master password but it is not accepted, try the following:

  • Make sure that you are case sensitive. If the Caps Lock key is active, a corresponding symbol will be displayed in the master password field.

  • Try to type in your master password several times. If you have saved a password, it will be displayed after three unsuccessful attempts.

  • Try older master passwords. If you can unlock 1Password with an old master password, you can change your master password afterwards.

  • Type your password into another app, such as a text editor, so that you can see if you typed it in correctly. Then copy it and paste it into 1Password.

  • If you have more than one vault, try entering the master password of another vault.

  • If you are using a master password with spaces, try with and without them.

  • If you are using a master password with accents or special characters, try with and without them.

  • If you use multiple input languages, please ensure that you have selected the correct input source when entering the master password.


If you do not know your master password or it is not accepted

For your security, the master password is:

  • never transmitted over the internet
  • never stored locally in log files
  • Not made known to employees at AgileBits
  • only known to you
  • the only way to decrypt your data again

This ensures that your data is safe from intruders, but it also means that we cannot reset your master password. However, it may still be possible to regain access to your data.

Get access with another device

If you have installed 1Password on several devices, check whether your master password works on them. (If you have a 1Password account, don't forget to try to log into it in your browser.)

If your master password works on all devices but one, you should be able to start over on the affected device and then sync your data from your other devices.

Access through your 1Password Teams or 1Password Families account

If you have a 1Password Teams or 1Password Families account, someone else can give you access again. This enables you to assign a new master password.

Get access via Touch ID

In the event that you are using 1Password on an iPhone or iPad, try unlocking the app using Touch ID. If you are not prompted to use Touch ID, tap the fingerprint button below the master password field.

Get access with a backup

1Password creates daily backups on your Mac or Windows PC. Try restoring a backup from when the master password was still working. Everything you have added or changed since this backup was made will then be lost.

If you still can't unlock 1Password

If you have tried all of the above or are sure that you can't remember the master password, you will have to delete your 1Password data and start over.

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