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Great Britain : The royal baby is called Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

The baby has a name. The first real, blue-blooded princess in Great Britain in almost half a century is called Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. "The baby will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge", it says succinctly in the Twitter message from Kensington Palace.

The choice of names of the parents William and Kate could hardly have been less surprising, given the choice given traditional royal names and references to grandmother and great-grandmother. The fact that the name Diana would be part of it was at least clear to Britain's betting community.

However, observers of the young couple also knew that a first job was out of the question - the British would hardly be able to stand a second Princess Diana. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, always made it clear that he doesn't want the women in his family to be overshadowed by the memory and comparison to his controversial mother Diana.

Germany can be proud. "Charlotte" is, so to speak, the feminine form of "Charles" and the name also honors the grandfather, Prince Charles. But Queen Charlotte was the wife of King Georg III., Born in 1744 as Charlotte von Mecklenburg-Strelitz and, as the loyal and patient wife of the crazy Georg III. a good reputation in royal history. She gave this name a good sounding in the English royal family.

The birth of Kate and William's daughter on Monday in London had been welcomed with 103 cannon shots. 62 shots were fired from the tower in the British capital, and another 41 from Hyde Park. A military orchestra had previously played Stevie Wonder's hit "Isn't She Lovely" there. For the Cambridges - Kate and William - all duties have now been fulfilled with the naming. The young family can disappear back to their country estate in Norfolk, where they will live in a house near Sandringham Castle, far from London's gossip and curious photographers. According to the forecasts, Princess Charlotte and her brother Prince George will have the most civic and sheltered childhood of a member of the royal family in living memory. The house has ten bedrooms, by the way. How many of these will be filled with the couple's own children is now the subject of the next speculation

The child was born on Saturday morning at 8:34 a.m. (local time) and weighed 3,714 grams at birth.Mother Kate was only a little over two and a half hours in labor. Just ten hours after the birth, the proud parents presented the newborn to the public. The princess takes fourth position in the British line of succession behind grandpa Prince Charles, father William and brother George and displaces her uncle, Prince Harry of this rank. (with dpa)

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