What is a cold blooded murder

International press on the Barcelona debacle : "That wasn't a game, that was cold-blooded murder"

Led by record player Thomas Müller, FC Bayern rolled over the glorious FC Barcelona in a crazy peat festival and catapulted itself into the role of favorites in the final tournament of the Champions League. In the fabulous 8: 2 (4: 1) in the quarter-finals against the Catalans with a disenchanted world footballer Lionel Messi, the Munich team played in such a way, especially in the first half hour, that memories of the 7-1 triumph of the national team against Brazil at the 2014 World Cup came up. The international press will find clear words for this on Saturday.

El País ": “Bavaria humiliates Barcelona. In the historic victory, Quique Setién's team inexplicably had nothing to counter the power of the German team. (...) The Azulgrana team suffered the worst defeat in its history in a European competition. "

"La Vanguardia" (Barcelona): “Bayern is burying FC Barcelona. The Blaugrana make a fool of themselves in Lisbon and are eliminated with a shameful 2: 8. The humiliation was tremendous. It will be a long time before the shame fades. Champions don't crawl like that. What a punishment. How painful. What a downfall. Lisbon is perhaps the darkest chapter in Barcelona's black history. "

Marca ": “Adiós for Setién, but much more has to be done. The Barça debacle unfolded in the worst possible way, beaten and beaten by Bayern, incapable of German football and its momentum, overwhelmed from the 2nd to the 90th minute, the image of a small team, a negative image of their size . There were some chances at the crazy start of the game, but the blows of the Bavarian steamroller were knocked out after four goals within half an hour. The 2: 8 is a humiliating result. "

"Mundo Deportivo": “Historical ridiculousness of Barça in the Champions League. Bayern beat Barça with an overwhelming 8-2, a result that has never been seen in recent history not only in Barças but also in the entire competition. The players who brought this club the greatest fame presented an unworthy image for a centenary club like Barça. “We are Barça, the best team in the world,” Vidal repeated over and over during the preparation phase. That Barça that he meant is now history. "

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"Goal": “It wasn't a game, it was murder in cold blood. A murder that was foreseeable and relentless with all the harshness in the world. With three coming after two, Barça have done everything they can to beat their world record for misery. After being humiliated in Rome and Anfield, the team broke their own record and left Lisbon with eight goals in the sack. A duel between athletes and tourists was held in Lisbon, the result of which was as powerful as it was deserved. As a chronicle of an announced death, Bayern Munich defeated Barça in a devastating way. "

"Guardian": "Barcelona's breakup is structural, it is the result of years of failure at the executive level, partly obscured by an economic structure that allows the wealthy to make terrible decisions without facing any real consequences."

"Daily Telegraph": "They were blown away in the quarter-finals of the Champions League like cannon fodder for the preliminary round, beaten in every discipline of pressing, a high-risk football that they invented themselves."

"Times": "This result would be amazing in any league, but to witness such a one-sided game in the quarter-finals of this elite competition was almost unbelievable."

"La Repubblica": “Disaster for Barcelona - Bayern make eight - Messi humiliated. Bayern (...) are candidates for their sixth victory in the Champions League because of the effectiveness of their vertical game. "

"Gazzetta dello Sport": “Wherever history is being written, (Thomas) Müller is there. Thomas (Müller) was the man of the game in Lisbon. " (dpa)

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