How deadly is Roquefort cheese

Blue Cheese - The Anti-Aging Secret

Cheese is particularly popular in France. Rightly so - as scientists now want to have found out. Regular consumption of blue cheeses of the types Roquefort, Camembert and other fermented cheeses should help with anti-aging because it protects the vessels.

Less fatal heart problems in France

France has had the highest consumption of highly saturated fats for decades - and yet has to cope with around a third fewer fatal heart problems than the population of the United States. Scientists have been looking for explanations for this for many years. Now the secret could be out: Researchers have discovered potential for anti-inflammatory substances in the most common types of cheese. These are likely to be a major contributor to the low cardiac death rates.

Cheese contains natural ACE inhibitors

Cambridge scientists have presented old and new data on the French Paradox in the journal Medical Hypothesis. The reason why the French suffer less from cardiovascular complaints despite the high consumption of highly saturated fatty acids can, in their opinion, be explained by the unique composition of blue cheese.

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The active ingredients contained in mold cheese - including adrastins - are so unique that they act as natural ACE inhibitors. At the same time, the cholesterol metabolism is modulated. In addition, these substances have pronounced anti-tumor properties and have a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Researchers found out some time ago that the resveratrol contained in red wine has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. However, it was already clear then that this could not be the only reason for the low mortality. Scientists have now found another reason in blue cheese.

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