Why did Google buy Agnilux

Google buys company from ex-Apple chip developers

According to a media report, Google bought the chip designer Agnilux, which former Apple employees founded. This is reported by the Thomson Reuters blog peHUB, citing a Google spokesman. No information was given on the financial terms of the takeover.

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In 2008, Apple had the chip developer P.A. Semi acquired for $ 278 million. Most of the developers stay with the new owner, but Amarjeet Gill, Mark Hayter and Puneet Kumar founded the startup Agnilux with their own money. Together with them, some Apple developers such as Daniel W. Dobberpuhl also moved to the new company.

A former software developer from Tivo also works with Scott Redman at Agnilux. Some former Cisco employees are also with the startup. Other employees are the developers Olof Johansson and Todd Broch.

Before the takeover by Google, Agnilux held talks with Cisco, Microsoft and Texas Instruments as possible strategic investors, peHUB continues.

Very little is known about Agnilux. Amarjeet Gill is said to be the company's CEO. Mark Hayter is chief operating officer, the New York Times found in February 2010. Hayter did not answer any of the newspaper's questions about the company's products. "We want to land a real blast. We don't want the chip manufacturers to take our intellectual property away from us before we're done."he said in explanation. An employee reportedly told the New York Times that Agnilux was on "a kind of server works and maintains a partnership with Cisco for it".