Are Nike shoes good for supporting the arch of the foot?

Strike & pronation while running

What are cushioning & supports in running shoes and what are their purposes?

Cushioning elements in the running shoe are used to gently absorb the impact energy. They are integrated into the midsoles in the forefoot and rearfoot area as air or gel cushions.

tip: As much cushioning as necessary, as much natural foot movement as possible. A heavily cushioned, high, buttery soft shoe will hardly remind the foot muscles of their stabilization tasks.

What are pronation supports?

Supports, usually pronation supports, are harder midsole elements that are located on the inside of the shoe and absorb excessive inward buckling of the foot (overpronation).

tip: When buying adequate running shoes, the entire leg axis should be examined in the dynamics. An apparently excessive twisting of the inner ankle does not always justify a pronation-assisted shoe. An unnecessary support tends to weaken the much more important muscular support systems with consequences, such as the inability to maintain the natural tension of the arches of the foot and to process the step in a controlled manner.

Do I need insoles in my running shoe?

Orthopedic corrective insoles should only be used if there is a conclusive foot deformity that cannot be compensated for with targeted muscle training. Deposits can e.g. B. provide useful support for arched, arched, hollow, flat or splayfoot as well as with knock knees and bow legs. They can also be used to relieve pressure in painful areas by means of pressure redistribution.

tip: After examination and determination that a corrective insole makes sense, a dynamic foot pressure measurement (walking over a pressure measuring plate) should also be carried out in addition to the static footprint measurement while standing or sitting (exact determination of the length and width of the foot as well as the shape of the foot to adapt the insole to the shoe) become. In this way, the actual foot pressure curve within the running movement can be determined.