Should I stop playing the violin?

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I see the whole thing a little differently.

It would be important for me in the first place WHY does she want to pause / stop? If that is definitely clarified, then one can see further. I find everything else a bit short-sighted. And it is actually the case that when you are 13-15 there is often a major crisis that you first have to get over. At 17, however, this should slowly be over, so that you can really concentrate on WHERE EXACTLY the problem is.

- Is it really the (too) strict teacher? This can be remedied without any problems. After nine years it should really be no problem to change teachers. If you discuss this with the teacher honestly and openly, not that she is too strict, but that you want to get a breath of fresh air, then she may even recommend someone else or prepare the girl for a possible audition with other teachers.

- Does the girl just have too many obligations and therefore not manage to practice as well and properly as she would like? It might really help to practice a little less in order to stay on the ball at all.

- Doesn't she feel like playing the violin anymore? Then I would let her finish the semester and then withdraw from class.

In general, I find that there is absolutely nothing wrong with changing teachers after nine years if the change is "clean". Often a teacher brings a completely different breath of fresh air.

In puberty, I find it perfectly acceptable to take lessons from a teacher a student likes to have, even if there is not "enough" practice. Often this is just a phase.

Anyone who really has completely different interests should be allowed to stop at some point, of course only after careful mutual deliberation.

I find "pausing" critical for students of this age. Mostly it is ultimately a quitting and that should be carefully considered and properly named.

Perhaps it is also a solution to stop regular lessons and only play regularly (!) In the orchestra with the option of being able to take a few hours of lessons if necessary.