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1 month without alcohol: this happens in the body

This is what happens when you stop drinking alcohol for a month

We are reluctant to go without a glass of wine with dinner or a beer after work - 1 month without alcohol is unthinkable for some. This could work a real miracle! We'll tell you what happens in the body if you don't drink alcohol for a month.

"Oh, that glass of wine ..." Anyone who drinks a glass of wine with their meal every day, "stimulates" digestion with a schnapps or starts their evening with a beer should take a break for their organs for love. There are many reasons to reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages. For example, at the beginning of the year some people detox with a "Dry January"Your body. Even if the effects can vary from person to person, you can still feel it when you abstain from alcohol a positive change quickly in his life.

How is alcohol broken down in the body?

Alcohol has to be broken down by the liver: the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase works hard to break down alcohol. However, the cell poison is created here Acetaldehyde, which is also the main culprit for the hangover after a boozy night of partying. The liver converts acetaldehyde into acetic acid (acetate), which is then excreted in the urine, sweat and breath.

Alcohol also dehydrates the body because it inhibits the release of ADH. The so-called Antidiuretic hormone actually ensures that we keep fluid in the body and let it get to our cells. If it is inhibited by ethanol, more water is excreted through the kidneys. The body not only loses as a result liquid, but also Electrolytes, which are crucial for the sodium-potassium balance and thus for cell health. The increased excretion of water should therefore not be taken lightly after drinking alcohol.

The breakdown of alcohol is a heavy burden on your body, which is why dry phases with complete alcohol withdrawal are a real treat for your body. The following phenomena occur in your body after you stop drinking alcohol for a month.

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What happens when you stop drinking alcohol?

1. The liver recovers

Over time, people who drink alcohol excessively can develop a Cirrhosis of the liver occur. "Excessive" in this case means two drinks or glasses a day for men and one drink for women. It is true that the liver grows with its job, but enlargement is by no means good for the organ or your body.However, the liver is a very tolerant organ - if you stop drinking, it quickly changes for the better again. Also, during abstinence, it can focus on more important things like breaking down other toxins or toxins the body produces Fat metabolism turn to.

2. Weight Loss: You automatically lose weight!

Alcohol is high in calories and sugar. It also inhibits digestive enzymes and slows down the entire metabolism. It has been shown that fat burning is inhibited, so giving up alcohol can be beneficial more effective metabolism care and help To lose weight.

3. The brain power increases

Alcohol consumption can be too Memory loss and impairment of brain development. In fact, alcoholics have some specific brain disorders that result from excessive alcohol consumption. On the one hand, alcohol inhibits the absorption of important substances B vitamins. On the other hand, alcoholics tend to eat less healthily. The vitamin deficiency is therefore inevitable and damages the brain in the long term.

4. The stress level drops

The fact that alcohol is a comforter of the soul is a long-held myth that you should quickly forget. When worried, it can even have a negative impact on mental health. Many people tend to get nervous and irritable after drinking alcohol. Anyone who does not drink alcohol can clearly have one higher resilience looking forward. Besides, one is much more stress-resistant.

5. The small intestine absorbs more nutrients

Alcohol consumption is attacking yourIntestinal mucous membranes which means that they can absorb less nutrients. Dispensing with alcohol regenerates the intestine and means that more vitamins and minerals can be absorbed, processed and used again. This is how you effectively prevent nutrient deficiencies.

6. The complexion improves

Alcohol removes water from our body. This dries out the skin and becomes more susceptible to damage and external germs. Pimples and blackheads also have an easy time of it. Refraining from alcohol leads to Rehydrating your skinwhich makes it cleaner and better protected again. The glass of wine with your meal should therefore not be a daily habit, but rather an enjoyable exception.

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7. You sleep better

You should definitely stay away from the glass of alcohol popularly known as a nightcap, which is supposed to help you fall asleep. It's true that alcohol can help you fall asleep - but alcohol messes up our sleep phases and suppresses the one that is so important for the quality of sleep REM sleep (English: Rapid Eye Movement). Among other things, this ensures that we can save information and concentrate better during the day. Avoid alcohol and enjoy a better night's sleep.

8. The blood pressure drops

Alcohol means stress for the body and causes antihypertensive hormones be distributed. The blood is then shot through the body from the heart at a higher pressure, which makes the blood vessels stiff and inelastic more quickly. If you slow down your enjoyment or completely abstain from alcohol for weeks or months, your blood pressure will also drop. Omitting or switching to non-alcoholic beverages can therefore be an effective remedy for patients with high blood pressure.

9. Your risk of civilization diseases decreases

But not only the liver is happy - those who drink less alcohol are generally rewarded with health and, among other things, do something for themselves heart. Indeed it will Lower risk, of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or cancer(e.g. in the stomach or colon). In addition, vital cells stay young longer and slow down the general aging process. Anti aging is also included when you abstain from alcohol!

Tip: In order to minimize your risk of cancer, you should completely avoid alcohol, because according to the German Cancer Society, "the risk of cancer of the oral cavity, throat and esophagus increases from one glass per day (10 g). The Breast cancer risk increases with three to six glasses of alcohol a week. "

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10. Your love life will get better

With alcohol, some people find it easier to be more relaxed and uninhibited during sex. However, this is not good for your health in the long run. Because on the one hand, luxury foods such as alcohol, but also cigarettes, canlibido - So your desire for sex - decrease. On the other hand, the male is decreasing powerAccording to the Federal Center for Health Education from a blood alcohol level of 0.4 per mille (depending on body weight 0.5 to 0.75 liters of beer), which can lead to erection problems. For good and satisfying sex, it is therefore recommended - for both sexes - to be sober.

11. You have initial withdrawal symptoms

If you drink alcohol several times or even daily - whether for relaxation, partying, or simply with a meal - you may experience noticeable symptoms during withdrawal. Next mental symptoms such as restlessness, tension, concentration problems and sleep disorders can also be physical concomitants occur. These include headaches, circulatory problems, dry mouth, nausea, racing heart or sweating. Such symptoms usually go away after two to a maximum of seven days of alcohol withdrawal. The occurrence indicates a previous alcohol consumption that has been too high, which is why consulting a doctor or an addiction center is recommended.

Tip: Alcohol-free drinks as a substitute

If you just like the taste of beer and wine and you don't care that much about alcohol, then this might be the case non-alcoholic alternatives to the most popular alcoholic beverages be interesting for you. They usually contain significantly fewer calories and a maximum of 0.5 percent alcohol. However, they are also stimulants, which is why moderate consumption is also advisable here. However, non-alcoholic drinks can make abstinence easier and more enjoyable. The following substitute drinks are now available in stores:

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