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Legion Yupo Medium Paper


Legion's Yupo Medium Paper is a particularly smooth, acid-free and pH-neutral synthetic paper (no tree was felled for it). It is machine made in the USA from 100% polypropylene (plastic) that is fully recyclable. Due to the complex manufacturing process, the Yupo paper is exceptionally strong, opaque and has an incredibly smooth surface. It is completely waterproof, which is why watercolors, alcohol inks and acrylic paints “stand” (= remain active) on the paper and can be worked on for a long time. This allows exciting, marbled backgrounds which can then be scanned, for example, and supplemented with letterings.

The paper is fundamentally different from normal watercolor paper, because it does not absorb paint and water, which means that the Yupo paper always remains flat and does not bulge. Because of this, the paper (before the paint has dried) can be rinsed with cold water and used again. Please note that some pigments may still not completely detach from the paper.

You can also use the Yupo paper to practice brush lettering, e.g. with the STABILO Brush Pens or Loose Watercolor Florals with the watercolor paints in the Floral Pocket Box. The brush strokes and movements for flowers, leaves and many other floral elements can be easily practiced with the brush on the paper and then washed away under the tap. Please note that the watercolors on the Yupo paper behave differently (and also dry differently) than on normal watercolor paper.


  • Format: 22.86 x 30.48 cm
  • Color white
  • Grammage: 200g / m²
  • Block of 10 sheets
  • Glued at the head
  • Surface: very smooth
  • 100% polypropylene
  • acid-free and pH-neutral
  • water repellent
  • 100% recyclable
  • suitable for watercolors, alcohol ink, acrylic paint
  • Masking liquid does NOT adhere to the paper surface
Mrs. Hell's recommendation:

If you don't want to equip yourself with extra material (alcohol inks) for cool and trendy alcohol ink backgrounds, you can achieve the same effect with the Yupo paper and the Karin markers. Without any alcohol smell and mess;)

Application example watercolor background:

  1. Apply watercolor paint (e.g. from the Floral Pocket Box) or water-based paint (e.g. Karin Brushmarker) to the Yupo paper
  2. In the next step you can “play” with this applied color, e.g.
    • spray the colors with the Tombow Blending Mister
    • blend different colors into one another by moving the paper
    • Dab in new paint with the brush or with water-based markers (e.g. Karin Brushmarker)
    • Sprinkle your applied paint with clean water
    • Dab in metallic watercolors (e.g. from the Metallic Pocket Box) to get a shimmer effect
    • blow the paint in different directions with a straw
    • ... there are no limits to creativity!
  3. Do you want to start all over again? Simply hold the paper under running water (before the paint has dried) and use it again
  4. Or let the watercolor background dry completely (may take a few hours)
  5. If you want to fix the color on the paper for a long time, use a matt clear lacquer or finishing spray
  6. Now you can digitize the paper, e.g. with a scanner or smartphone, and process it further

ATTENTION: some pigments and colors (e.g. Karin Brushmarker) cannot be completely removed from the Yupo paper before and after drying! Use some additional detergent or glass cleaner and wipe the paint off the paper with a kitchen towel. The longer the paint dries on the paper, the more difficult it is to remove it.

Additional information

Weight0.262 kg
size30.48 × 22.86 × 0.5 cm