What are some examples of dangerous beetles

What is crawling into our apartments?

Which bugs crawl into our apartments?

There are 350,000 species of beetles worldwide and 7,000 in Germany alone! With this amount it is also very clear that we keep discovering animals that we did not know before. Take ladybugs for example: everyone knows the little beetles with their red color and black dots. But in Germany alone there are around 70 different species of ladybirds. So if you ever discover a beetle that you don't know right away, don't worry - maybe it's just a ladybug.

What attracts beetles to apartments?

You can't say that in general because there are so many different types. Some come looking for water and others are drawn to light. Some like fruits and vegetables, preferably when they are already rotten.

Can bugs be dangerous to us?

There are hardly any really poisonous insects in Germany. Ladybugs do excrete a yellow, poisonous secretion when they feel threatened. With this they can repel ants, but they cannot harm people. The red fire beetle, for example, looks dangerous but is completely harmless.

The oil beetle is an exception. It is blue-black or slightly shiny purple and about one to three and a half centimeters long. It has a large, elongated, armored rump and can be fatal to us humans. Oil beetles protect themselves from enemies with a neurotoxin: cantharidin. A single animal contains enough poison to kill a person. But as long as you don't eat a beetle like that, that's half as bad, because it doesn't sting. If he releases the poison, then on the legs and only when he feels threatened. This can lead to unpleasant skin irritation, redness or blistering, but is not fatal.