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Exercise bike test 2021 • The 8 best exercise bikes in comparison

What are exercise bikes and how do they work?

Move and sports are important to the body to keep them in a healthy balance. This not only applies to times when a diet and weight reduction are sought, but also to typical everyday life in general. Since many people are challenged by a hectic professional life, that is to jog after that or the gear not always possible in a sports studio. The daily fight against your own weaker self is also a problem, which persuades you to rest and do fitness training for the next Day to move. The excuses are versatile, especially when the weather is bad. An exercise bike is therefore not only available at all times, it also works motivating.

The best Exercise equipment Home use is exercise equipment designed for easy use that is mostly used at home and indoors. To the Exercise bikes included in the test ergometers, rowing machines, cross trainers, steppers and treadmills. When it comes to exercise bikes, it usually is Ergometer meant, which is similar in structure to a bicycle, but not bikes owns, but is set up in a stable manner using feet on a floor space. It is used in comparison with pedals and, in the test, also allows the arms to be trained in an extended form. Two hand bars can be moved, other ergometers only have a handle with a display. The movement takes place via a flywheel, which can be increased in resistance. For support there is a seat that is attached to a wide Bicycle saddle remind. The principle of operation is simple.

Bigzzia professional exercise bike with LCD display in the test - maximum load capacity 120 kg

An ergometer allows endurance training with a slight muscle build-up by moving the flywheel mass using the pedals and the appropriate resistance setting.

Available is also a braking system that determines resistance. The quality The test of the best models depends on how heavy the flywheel is designed and how many programs and load levels are given. Have cheap models Setting options between 3 to 5 levels, the more expensive devices up to 20 levels. Large flywheels also ensure better Smoothness and thus also increase the stability and requirements of the Trainings. The weight can be between 5 to 30 kilograms. The flywheel is moved by stepping on the pedal.

A Home exercise machine usually has a larger display or one in the test Board computer. Various data can be measured here, including the distance covered, the number of steps you walked or the calorie consumption. Some ergometers or others Exercise bike can also be used with hand sensors for the Heart rate measurement be provided, whereby the heart rate can be monitored, which also determines the efficiency of the training at the same time.

Bigzzia professional exercise bike with LCD display in the test - with 3 setting modes

Exercise bike price-quality diagram

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Areas of application - the exercise bike in use

A fitness device the workout can be versatile too Home support. If you have purchased a piece of sports equipment of this type, you will certainly want to use it. That motivates to an extensive and also daily Training, but can also be used more professionally to increase and monitor performance. For many athletes, an exercise bike is a device for preparation and can also be used to warm up. There Exercise bike allow the storage of the data, a performance control of one's own condition is guaranteed.

In addition, are Ergometer in the test, of course, also ideally suited for weight loss and fat burning. Ergometers are among the sports equipment that is gentle on the body training allow. This particularly affects the joints. In addition, an exercise bike ensures that the circulation is stimulated and the body stays fit. A simple training session of 20 minutes a day is enough to strengthen your own strength and endurance. In addition, a slight build-up of muscle is also possible, whereby Exercise bike like the rowing machine or the ergometer also train the arms and legs, the stomach and the shoulders.

If you have a Ergometer at home, you can find a good balance after the hectic everyday life and take care of the easier training relax well too. The ergometer can be just as efficient at a low resistance level as it is at a high level. Just as important as the endurance and Muscle training is the spiritual and emotional Switch off from stress and hectic.

Exercise bikes are quick and easy to set up and can also be used in front of the television or while listening to music.

If you mind a Muscle building and strive to improve performance is a Training plan sensible, which should also be varied and designed with higher levels of stress. This applies to the training units and the relaxation phases in between, which serve to regenerate the body and muscles. The immediately possible on the device Body check allows you to control your performance, review your data and measure your heart rate.

Bigzzia professional exercise bike with LCD display being tested - triangular construction of the support structure, high-carbon steel

Which exercise bikes are there?

To the Exercise bikes In addition to the ergometer, this includes the rowing machine, cross trainer and treadmill. These too Sports equipment can easily be set up at home, but some of them are somewhat larger and therefore require im comparison also more space than an ergometer.

Rowing machine

The Rowing machine belongs to the cardio and Combination devices. The buttocks are moved back and forth via a flexibly movable seat and the fixed position of the legs, while the arms are moved via a rod system Rowing movement to imitate. Rowing machines therefore also allow efficient muscle training.

Cross trainer

The elliptical machine is also in many Fitness centers to find and the extended form of the ergometer. Cross trainers have movable bars instead of handles and allow you to use the pedals and the Move the flywheel not only the leg, but also that Arm training. The sequence of movements here is elliptical and muffled and is increased by the arm movement. Therefore, many cross trainers are not equipped with a seat, but are sometimes used while standing. The range of functions and Exercise programs is slightly larger than with simpler ergometers.


The Treadmill is only used while standing and allows jogging on the spot. For this is a movable Integrated tape that controls the sequence of movements on the road imitates.

The speed of the belt movement can be increased. For this purpose, running belts and heart rate monitors are mostly used, which allow performance control.

Treadmills require a little more floor space and can be compared to cross trainers and Ergometers not so easy to fold up and store. The Move can be performed on treadmills while walking or running.

Bigzzia professional exercise bike with LCD display in the test - weight: 24 kg

Brief information on leading manufacturers / brands

  • Christopeit
  • Kettler
  • Ultra sport
  • Reebok
  • Finnlo
  • Horizon
Christopeit“Markets sports equipment for commercial and private use. These include high-performance cross trainers, treadmills, rowing machines and ergometers, weight benches and multi-gyms. The fitness equipment is ergonomically the most advantageous and has a heavy swing mass. This allows a very smooth running and a choice of many training programs.
Kettler“As a brand, it may not always be the cheapest, but it is a good choice for purchasing exercise bikes. The models can also be selected in a larger price range, then have different equipment and flywheels. "Kettler" offers exercise bikes that are not only powerful and offer a wide range of programs, but are also well designed in terms of design. Typical sports equipment is on offer, including very high quality ergometers.
Home exercise equipment from "Ultra sport”Are popular with athletes and fitness enthusiasts because the models are built to a high standard, are also cheap to sell and come with a wide range of accessories. The company offers sports equipment and sports nutrition, including high-performance ergometers, treadmills, rowing machines and cross-trainers. The models offer very good workmanship and stability. Ergometers are available with different flywheels.
As an American sporting goods manufacturer, "Reebok“Fitness equipment and exercise bikes of good quality, which can be found in the more expensive range between 500 and 1,500 euros, but have very good workmanship and equipment. As a brand, “Reebok” also stands for sportswear, sport and gym shoes, sport accessories and fashion items. When it comes to exercise bikes, the treadmills, cross trainers and ergometers are particularly recommended.
The sports equipment from "Finnlo”, A brand that belongs to“ Hammer ”. Powerful exercise bikes, cardio equipment, weight benches, multi-gyms and small sports equipment are on offer. As a brand, "Finnlo" scores with the high standards of production, a stable and well thought-out design and the highly functional conception of all devices.
Very high quality exercise bikes and fitness equipment are available from "Horizon". The brand promises performance, reliability, dynamics and quality. Many exercise bikes are also very cheap, with a smaller flywheel mass between 5 to 10 kilograms. There are a few more expensive devices to choose from for demanding training, which are characterized by a high selection of training levels and good ergonomics

Bigzzia professional exercise bike with LCD display being tested - detailed assembly instructions for easy assembly

This is how exercise bikes are tested

For one test become different Models carefully examined and used on site. An assessment tailored to the individual properties, features and attributes is possible, as is a direct comparison of the various manufacturer models.

The price-performance ratio, the structure and the Assembly, the stability, the Range of functions and training efficiency.

Test persons use the exercise bike in different load levels and check the smoothness, the noise, the resistance and that Braking system.

Bigzzia professional exercise bike with LCD display tested - the LCD display can show your time, speed, distance, calories, total distance, heart rate and scanning and makes it easy for you to receive all training data

Criteria for the exercise bike

Ergometer and other models are sports equipment for the home and should therefore be easy to set up and use in the test. Smaller ones Models In comparison, they can often be folded up or easily put to one side. The size, weight and construction of the exercise bike, the screw system, the stability and the Handling. Evaluation criteria concern the operation and the display, the selection of programs and training units, the number of resistance levels and the display of all data. A comparison of the devices is also tested to determine which Setting options are useful and which support an increase in performance and increased training intensity.

Criteria in the test concern the Construction, the weight of the flywheel, the stability of the pedals and handles and the stability of the models. The resilience of the models is also carefully checked. A Exercise bike should not fail or even overturn even under heavy loads. The Pedal- and rotating movement should be calm and even and not cause any loud noises.

Important for the test are also the maximum body weight that the sports equipment allows and the load range. Bigger and heavier Flywheels turn out to be in comparison as smooth and efficient. With an ergometer, the ergonomics the handles, the display, the comfort of the seat and the reliability of the measurement via hand sensors were tested.

Bigzzia professional exercise bike with LCD display being tested - assembly is very easy and takes about 15 minutes

Common defects - these can be taken into account when buying an exercise bike!

For the purchase and the right one Choosing a fitness machine for home is important, what workout is desired and which the exercise bike to a daily training can motivate. The selection is large, the models can be found in different price categories. The bigger and heavier the centrifugal mass in one Exercise bike is, the more stable and calm the sequence of movements and the more Resistances can be adjusted.

With a slightly more expensive device, the size and weight of the Exercise bikes himself. Should that Ergometer above all things; matters can be set up and dismantled quickly, it is also worth buying smaller devices, with a centrifugal mass of between 5 and 15 kilograms. Models that are too light are less suitable for intensive training. That also affects Weight on the Stability and stability of the exercise bike.

Bigzzia professional exercise bike with LCD display being tested - in an emergency you can press the emergency button to stop the flywheel immediately to make your ride safer

When purchasing, you can access the Furnishing and pay attention to the number of resistance levels and training programs. The more levels possible in comparison, the more intensive the training. With a high number of resistances, this is also possible on the exercise bike Muscle training possible. Otherwise there will be more Endurance training aimed at. The equipment of the best exercise bikes includes clearer On-board computer, which enables the reading of important data, a pulse measurement by hand sensors, ergonomic handles or swing bars for arm training and Transport rollers, over which the exercise bike can be moved more easily if the flywheel is a little heavier.

The height of the seat and the handle should be adjustable and adaptable to your own height.

This is important to get the right one posture to ensure and not to strain the joints too much. On the other hand, if the seat cannot be adjusted, you can Posture damage occur. The positive effect of protecting the joints is then reversed Opposite. Also important in the test is the maximum body weight, which provides information about the load on the equipment. Modern models can also be operated with a smartphone or allow all data to be saved. A high quality Braking system and a good kick and Pedal unit ensure the noiseless and stable execution of all movements in different resistance levels.

Bigzzia professional exercise bike with LCD display in the test - size: 104.14 x 22.86 x 78.74 cm

Internet vs. specialist retailers: where is the best place to buy my exercise bike?

Exercise equipment for home is available in specialist shops and sports stores in a selection of well-known brands or in Internetin a slightly larger range. Ordering online is very easy and reliable possible. The delivery is quick, the assembly then at home according to instructions. Manufacturer ensure safe shipping and good packaging material on delivery. For this purpose, it can be checked in advance whether the equipment all desired Functions bring along and have proven themselves in practice. There are detailed product descriptions and customer reviews for this.

Buying in trade enables im comparison personal advice to buyers. In turn, there are many test pages available on the Internet, which can also be used to obtain all the important information. The purchase on the internet is worth it, as that Price offer often a little cheaper than in retail. In addition, the search effort and the transport of the devices are no longer necessary.

Interesting facts and advice

Advantageous When buying the sports equipment available in stores, the high safety requirements that all models in the test must meet in order for them to be used marketing are suitable. This concerns the safe use, the stability and stability of the devices and other requirements. Exercise bikes are included in their device class and in the DIN standard seal of approval marked.