How will virtual reality video games develop?

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BidOn Games Studio, based in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, has been in the game development industry since 2012. We are a team of professional Unity / C # developers and artists, providing services for iOS and Android game development, video game development, augmented reality and virtual reality development. We offer small and medium-sized companies worldwide offshore and outsourcing solutions for customer-specific software, development and joint development of mobile applications as a dedicated remote team. Grow your company with a team of technical professionals! Find out more about our company, receive a free consultation or offer.
According to the study published by Clutch (June 28, 2017), BidOn Games Studio has become one of the world's leading VR / AR developers. In general, the list includes two Ukrainian companies. The study is based on the Clutch methodology, which examines the proven success of developers of virtual and augmented reality developers and provides their clients with reliable and high quality results.
BidOn Games Studio is proud to be among the top 20 AR developers worldwide. We're bringing AR / VR technology to a variety of industries including entertainment, tourism, education, healthcare, automotive, retail, construction and real estate, and advertising.
BidOn Games Studio always participates in local charity events and aims to make the world a better place!
At MAGIC HORIZONS we love to work with BidOn Games. BidOn Games immediately understood our quality approach and our vision of what we want to achieve in virtual reality. They develop great user interfaces and levels of interactivity. We appreciate the good and fast communication with the entire BidOn Games team. Your pricing policy works well for us. That is why we at MAGIC HORIZONS are looking forward to our next projects with BidOn Games.

Kyungmin HanIndustrial designer / Masters student at the Royal College of Art
It's great to work with a manager who understands the whole project and its goal from A to Z.
The cooperation with BidOn is amazing, they bring a creativity and passion for their craft that inspires me again and again and leads me to build more amazing things together! I can just recommend her.
BidOn Games Studio was a great company to work with. The management communicates well and promptly. You always have the customer's interests in mind and don't lose sight of the bigger picture. They treated me like a friend, not a customer. I would book this company again to help me make another app.
Another great mission, this team is definitely the best here! You can go there with your eyes closed, you will reliably find a solution to your problems. I highly recommend them.
I hired this team for a VR project and found that they are a passionate and dynamic team with great communication skills.
Fast communication, deep understanding of ideas and requirements, advice on optimal solutions, answering questions and quick answers, reasonable price, all the necessary equipment for on-site testing, constant updates, the ability to follow the whole process, and a clear working process with Google spreadsheets with the task lists, descriptions and the time required - that is the result when you entrust your project to BidOn Games Studio.
We have tried to work with offshore teams for years. When we finally met with Bid On Games, we knew we had found the right trustworthy partners. We have worked on several projects, all of which have been successful. BidOn Games has knowledge not only of games, but also of augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D modeling and animations as well as extremely competent programmers. I can definitely say that we will continue to work with them if necessary.