How can I break blood covenants


In an age of multiculturalism, political corruption, and spiritual decline, today's brave heroes seek to regain ideas beyond an individual focus. The complete lack of cultural and racial identity is the reason why millions of insecure people are ready to attack anyone who has the desire to free themselves from the plastic and materialistic way of life of modern society and to the wisdom of their ancestors and their knowledge to return. Nationalists recognize that mixing two unique cultures requires a compromise in which each of these cultures loses its integrity and therefore becomes commercial fodder for some exploiting company. As such, today's nationalism plays a very important role in liberating the modern mind from a world in which it is trapped. Instead, he is made familiar with his natural roots so that he can 'find' the identity of the blood, not that of the material or that of a subcultural way of life.

Although nationalism has the important function of fighting modern madness and bringing people closer to healthier principles and beliefs, because of its tendency to support fragmented mindsets, it has relapsed and, viewed from a larger, worldly perspective, has lost its relevance. If you want to solve a complex problem with the same, simple solution over and over again, you are completely misinterpreting the situation. Nothing in the world is so binary that by using some utopian method one can rectify everything and present a new world of sunshine and love. It just doesn't work that way.

Countless nationalist organizations have correctly recognized the life-threatening danger and parasitic nature of multiculturalism and therefore promote nationalism as an instrument that replaces ethnic conflict with ethnic separation and preservation. So far so good. Today, however, nationalist groups apply their ideology to all kinds of problems. Corrupt Politicians? Let's replace them with politicians from our own ranks! Degenerate rap music? Let's create our own just as moronic 'hate rock music'! Rampant violence, rape and social disorder? Throw out all immigrants and we will have no more problems!

Nationalism is positive and would likely solve many of our problems today, but it is wrong to assume that multiculturalism is the sole cause of all problems in modern society. Most of today's problems are the direct result of a myriad of unstable, unhealthy, and unreasonable ideas that have found their way into the minds of the crowd. This means that in order to create a healthier civilization, we have to find out its cause - what happened, how it happened, why it happened, and how we can reverse it. In order to cope with this task one must not work with one-dimensional thought schemes. Therefore, when you use nationalism as an instrument to defend a crumbling society with corrupt ideas, you are ultimately part of the problem, not the solution.

Realizing this, many different views and ideologies have emerged recently in an attempt to fuse healthy ideas into one. The most valuable are those where important aspects of any healthy culture and society are considered natural ingredients. One of these is odalism - a union of ideas that serves as a substitute for the degenerate and worn.

The word 'Odal' comes from the proto-Germanic 'ôþalan', or from the Old Norse 'óðal', and means, in simplified terms, 'descent', 'sublimity', 'clan', or 'fatherland'. The Germanic rune 'Oþila', which also stands for descent and sublimity, represents this belief. Odalism is a sacred interweaving of respect for mother nature, love for the Germanic gods and goddesses and loyalty to one's own clan.

From an odalist's point of view, respect for Mother Nature means having a desire to preserve the ancient trees, the deep valleys, the flowing waters and the blooming landscapes and having a belief that healthy and growing ecosystems are important and that you have the Can't separate people from nature. So this green point of view of odalism is a kind of naturalism in which the close connection between the mechanisms of our natural world and that of man is part of a constant natural process. An odalist desires to live in harmony with nature and not to destroy it blindly out of greed, as is happening in modern society at the moment.

The love for the Germanic gods and goddesses is another important aspect of odalism and means that one respects the knowledge that was passed on from the ancestors and believes in their power, that the European culture, which is shaped by certain moral and ethical norms is priceless and that the knowledge that was written down thousands of years ago is still relevant to the people of our time. An odalist believes in the ancient Germanic deities and the wise words revealed by them through the magic of the runes - mythological tales and stories. Gods and goddesses represent ideals that everyone should strive for. The spiritual point of view of odalism is therefore consistent with idealism - the belief that the world is made up of ideas and that the material is connected with the non-material. Idealism, like odalism, claims that the highest moral significance of human life is the preservation, living out and protection of ideals.

Kinship loyalty is the natural third part of this structure of thought. It means that as a living and breathing person you have a duty here and now to your family, relatives and the nation - an honor to defend - and that you are a small part of a larger organic entity in which those who are next to live one, share one's blood. You don't live on your own island, where your own perception of reality is the official one. As an odalist, one realizes that one is part of a sacred covenant between the people who have lived, are living, and will be living. Not only a spiritual but also a moral and ethical blood alliance. An odalist is loyal to his family and home. He recognizes the differences between races and peoples and has the desire to preserve his own race and culture. He cannot betray his nation or his family, otherwise he would betray himself. Odalism is therefore a holistic worldview - the whole is more important here than the individual.

These three factors can never stand on their own and must be seen as a unit, as a collective of ideas - as belief. While our physical world is considered important, the emphasis is on these abstract ideals that need to be lived out and defended. Odalism is therefore also a kind of realism, because it transcends both the stupidity of materialism and the views of spiritualism, which are far removed from any reality. Realism rejects social illusions in favor of a mature and courageous way of life, because the individual is merely an instrument to achieve something that goes beyond the material goal. For realism, as well as for odalism, only the eternal paths that will always exist, no matter what kind of civilization or social structure prevails, are of importance.

For these reasons, odalism is a philosophical, religious, and metaphysical belief. However, as soon as a larger society emerges, there is a need for politics. For this reason, odalism can also be applied politically and pragmatically. Any civilization that wishes to remain strong and stable must act pragmatically. For this reason, critical tasks can only be accomplished by a leadership caste who deals with the difficult task of administering subcasts that have no idea of ​​leadership and organization. This is a very important aspect of odalism; a worthy substitute for the current modern ideologies of today's dysfunctional consumer-oriented societies, in which the highest values ​​are passive-aggressive greed and the propagation of social illusions rather than realistic action.

In odalism, concern for nature is implemented with a strict will to protect the environment. Politically, this means that the protection and preservation of nature is a requirement and not an exception. The capitalist habits of exploiting natural resources for money are rampant across Europe these days. Environmental protection, or its extremely pragmatic cousin eco-fascism, should be a natural part of any political program, because without Mother Nature we are nothing. When nature falls apart, so does humanity. Since nature is neither a physical system nor an abstract one, but a complex process that is derived from the combination of both, healthy politics must aim at the conservation of natural resources and ecosystems as well as promote a society that is in harmony with them System can exist - even if it costs human life. The eternal whole is more sacred to odalist politics than the temporary material. That is why she rejects humanism and individualism.

Love and loyalty for the tribe and the nation, the gods and goddesses, form another important part of European politics. Although the spiritual aspects are better separated from the political, they, together with the will to protect people of a similar nature, reflect the true nationalist beliefs: preservation of culture, race and national independence. Modern society supports multiculturalism, which over time will destroy the biological and social differences of all cultures and races. Nationalism puts an end to this madness. It destroys both the worthless emotional reactionary racism and the myth that two different cultures can exist in the same national space without mixing and annihilating each other. With an odalistic policy, nationalism becomes the natural instrument of a nation and its population in order to survive, grow and develop.

Nationalist organizations make the mistake of trying only to find a way to free Europe from the shackles of modernism and retrace its steps towards ideals that are eternal - free from what Europe already has a thousand years plagues. Odalism transcends the mistake made by most nationalist groups and replaces it with a mature belief system defined by the Germanic peoples and their ancient traditions. But - and this is perhaps one of the most important aspects of this article - odalism is relevant as a basis not only for the Germanic peoples, but for all nations and people who wish to have a natural, healthy and spiritual connection with nature, to enter into their religious foundations and their own roots. As such, odalism is not a fad of today, nor the hopeless adoration of yesterday, but the shining, inspiring, and enduring hope for tomorrow.

May 25, 2006

Our gratitude to "1191.4814.5102" for this translation.