Is organic food kidding

"Of course I also eat organic myself"

Hiss:What does Rinklin Naturkost do?
Rinklin:We are a specialist wholesaler. We buy organic products from producers and manufacturers and resell them in shops. Because shops cannot buy everything directly. Otherwise they would have to have a huge warehouse and resell the goods as quickly as possible. It's almost impossible for a normal store.
Hiss:How many customers does Rinklin Naturkost have?
Rinklin:We have around 650 customers. Of these, 350 customers order regularly. Regular means at least one order per week.
Hiss:How many trucks do you have to deliver to these customers?
Rinklin:We have 35 trucks. Some even have trailers. The trucks are yellow and labeled with our name so that we can be easily recognized.
Hiss:To where do you deliver then?
Rinklin:We drive everywhere in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, a little in the Palatinate, Saarland and Alsace.
Hiss:What do you do at Rinklin Naturkost?
Rinklin:I am in the management and am responsible for purchasing and other things.
Hiss:What is the difference between organic food and others?
Rinklin:In principle, one can say that organic foods are healthier and taste more natural. During production, care is taken to ensure that the food is not sprayed and that the earth remains clean. Organic farmers also ensure that the diversity of nature is preserved.
Hiss:Which foods cannot be bought in organic quality?
Rinklin:There is an organic regulation that describes exactly what can and cannot be organic. For example, salt cannot be organic because it is not an agricultural product, which means it cannot be grown. But there are products that are simply not allowed, such as additives or preservatives. These substances are very often not natural and some of them are pathogenic.
Hiss:How do I recognize an organic food on the market?
Rinklin:Organic products are provided with a protected seal. The old one was hexagonal with the word bio in the middle. The new one, which applies across Europe, is now rectangular and has asterisks that look like a leaf.
Hiss:Why are organic products more expensive than others?
Rinklin:Perhaps the conventional products are too cheap. By that I mean made with very cheap raw materials. One may wonder why these foods are so cheap. Many are even treated with preservatives, additives or flavorings so that the products have a longer shelf life or taste stronger.
Hiss:Do you also eat organic food?
Rinklin:No! That was a joke - of course I eat organic.
Hiss:Where is organic food mostly bought?
Rinklin:I suspect in Germany if you convert it per capita. But I am not entirely sure.