Where are Sunday schools common?

When the adults celebrate church service every Sunday at 10 a.m., the children's church service takes place at the same time. In three different age groups

  • Rainbow group (3 - 6 years)

  • Fisherman's Friend (1-3 grade)

  • JIM - Jesus in me (4 - 6 grade)

What does children's worship look like in Free Protestant Congregations?

For children, the church is a place of encounter with one another and with God. While the term "Sunday School" used to be used to refer to the children's meeting on Sunday mornings, today we would like to emphasize:

Children are disciples of Jesus (or are on the way) and need time to worship and get to know God better, not just time to learn.

It is important to us that children experience church as a family. That is why the community is in the foreground on Sunday morning.

It is important to us that the church has the task of working with parents to bring the gospel to children. That is why the congregation supports the parents on their behalf: every older generation tells the younger ones.

Many parents participate in the children's church service. But also young people who have a lively relationship with God can bring their gifts to the children's worship service.

Our values

Relationship oriented

The employees build personal relationships with the children and become friends and (spiritual) role models for them. We respect the personalities of the children and help them to develop. No child should be pushed or overwhelmed. We respect the mental development of the children who come to us.

Biblically founded

In the children's worship service, the children get to know God in the biblical stories: the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. We invite the children to trust God and develop a personal relationship with Jesus. We believe that children can also live with God and be real disciples of Jesus.

Everyday related

Biblical truths and stories should always be related to the everyday life of children. We always try to be specific.


Children's services must be fun for children. That is why we use many methods of preaching: theater, media, games, good music; all of these are ways of understanding biblical truths and expressing faith

Developing personality

We involve children with what they know and can do and what concerns them. We trust them that they can. You learn to get actively involved.