How can we create a virtual host

Create a virtual host

Your website is with us - but your domain is registered with another provider? No problem: With a virtual host or a virtual domain entry, you ensure that your domain and your website are connected - despite different providers.

And so it goes:

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    Click on Domains or Domains / DNS in the project management of your project.

    Now enter your domain under domain name and mark the point Virtual Host entry (no registration). With one click on continue, everything is done with us.

    Your entry was successful? Wonderful. The next step now goes to your domain provider. Please adjust the A record of your domain there. For this you need your IP address with us. You can see these in this step - or alternatively in your project overview.

    One tip:
    Do you want to save yourself the hassle and want everything from a single source? Then come to us with your domain. Here's how to do it: Register a domain.

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