Do you like to sleep naked?

Sleeping naked: why you should drop your covers tonight

How do you sleep? With long pants and thick socks, only in your underwear or even naked? If the latter applies, you clearly belong to the minority in Germany, but according to the latest reports you are doing everything right. We'll explain to you why you should drop your covers tonight.

There is said to be a new miracle cure for health, beauty and even a better relationship: sleeping naked.

There are more and more articles and studies appearing that want to prove that sleeping without clothes is better and healthier. But what is really true about this promise?

First of all, it should be briefly clarified how important a good sleep is for us. While sleeping regenerated our body. He recovers from all the stresses of the day and recharges himself for the next one. Our body is so polarized that we get tired in the evening and wake up again in the morning. Anyone who ignores this rhythm must reckon with physical and psychological problems. Inferior skin, decreased ability to concentrate and stress are just a few factors.

But sooner or later everyone's eyes will close. Sleep without textiles is supposed to health-promoting effect of sleep even better.

The perfect body temperature helps the body lose weight while sleeping

Our body has different body temperatures throughout the day. During sleep, it cools down to the lowest. But this is more difficult for him when he is warmed by thick pajamas, woolen socks and down bedding. These “obstacles” cost him extra energy. We then have to pay for this additional effort with restless sleep.

Another point that people like to advertise for sleeping naked is that higher calorie consumption and thus easier weight loss. In fact, on a restless night in which we are just rolling around, our bodies release the stress hormone cortisol. This promotes hunger pangs and restlessness the next day - so we could rather go for unhealthy fast food.

The researchers argue about the fact that the pounds drop when you sleep bare. On the one hand, studies have shown that while sleeping without pajamas, certain fatty tissues are supposed to be stimulated and so the calorie consumption increases. However, the consumption of calories when cooling the body is not particularly significant.

But be careful: Sleeping at cooler temperatures improves the quality of sleep, but in a certain sleep phase the body can no longer notice whether it is hypothermic or overheated. You should therefore be careful not to further intensify the cooling process with fans or similar.

Naked sleepers look younger and have better relationships

The benefits of bare sleep don't stop there. The room temperature not only influences our sleep quality, it also promotes it Production of certain hormones. In a well-darkened, cool room, the cells are more likely to produce Growth hormones and melatonin. These are responsible for a firm and wrinkle-free complexion. After a good night's sleep, you will immediately look fresher and younger.

Sleeping without pajamas can also bring benefits in terms of health. Men in particular should consider sleeping without boxer shorts in the near future. Studies have shown that men who prefer not to wear anything at night healthier sperm to produce. And women can also benefit from better ventilation. If a woman does not wear underwear at night, fungal infections in the genital area are less common.

And now the icing on the cake: sleeping naked not only promotes your health and beauty, but also your relationship. Studies have shown that couples who sleep together naked on average happier in their relationships are, as couples sleeping with pajamas.

In the end, however, everyone should decide for themselves how best to sleep. The Feel-good factor after all, it also plays a very important role in a good night's sleep.