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Economic calendar: In order to prepare for daily trading, it is very important that we know about the Exchange dates are informed of the publication of current economic data.

There's a good one for that Economic calendar, the current Financial news and which I have implemented here on our site.

All traders, especially day traders and short-term oriented traders, should be informed about the dates of current information about upcoming important economic publications such as labor market data, interest rate decisions, inflation values, gross domestic product, etc.

Check the economic calendar before making any trading decisions

You are welcome to come by daily and find out about the upcoming Business news to inform.

The following financial calendar is provided by our partner investing.com.

The relevance of the individual events is represented by the number of bull heads. You can also use the filter to exclude the business dates for individual currencies or to determine the relevance of the stock market dates shown.

The previous value of a stock market event is shown, the forecast and then, after publication, the current value of the economic event.

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Read the stock exchange calendar correctly

Here on the Wikipedia page, the economic calendar is explained in more detail.

More financial calendars for traders and investors

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