What is LVT flooring

That's the hardship!

Whether design flooring, vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) - manufacturers and marketing experts have recently come up with a lot to differentiate their further developed products from the rather poorly reputed floors based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC). And in fact, modern vinyl flooring has little in common with old-fashioned PVC floors. And of course the development continues: At DOMOTEX 2019 in Hanover, VTC Floors & Walls from Wuxi City, China, will present a whole range of new PVC-based products, including the SP Core flooring with a click system.

The SP Core flooring marketed by the Spanish company Euro Trade Flooring is a further development of the first generation of LVTs. Due to a higher filler content and a higher density, the SP Core tiles are harder and thinner than usual, which should result in several advantages: SP Core is extremely dimensionally stable and the water-repellent covering can be laid in damp environments as well as on underfloor heating without acclimatization . Hard substrates are also no problem, SP Core can be applied directly to tiles, screed, parquet or laminate. Despite the tougher design, the sound insulation is also exemplary and ensures a significant reduction in noise in everyday life. SP Core is offered in different realistic decors in wood and stone optics.