What does NA mean in grades

The grading system at German universities

At the university itself, points are no longer awarded, but grades between 1 and 5. Since the introduction of the Bologna system, the so-called ECTS points or credit points have also been added. Students receive such points for each performance they pass, regardless of whether it is a (graded) examination performance or a study performance (these are not graded and usually achieved without an actual examination). In order for a degree to be completed, a certain number of these points must always be achieved. The respective number of points for the individual services should roughly reflect how much work was required to achieve that particular service. This in turn should serve to make study achievements and degrees (especially within Europe) more comparable and thus to facilitate a change of university as well as the international recognition of degrees. The number of ECTS points received does not vary from student to student. It does not contain an assessment of the quality of the service, but only of the quantity of the requirements, of which at least the minimum has been met. However, there is also a so-called ECTS grading system that assigns grades from A to F. Basically, this has nothing to do with the ECTS points, but is a separate grading system that is used at some (European) universities and can serve as a reference framework for converting different types of grades.

The actual evaluation, i.e. the statement about the quality of the individual performance of students, is recorded in Germany in grades between 1 and 5 with a gradation in decimal numbers:

1,0 - 1,3very good
1,7 - 2,3Well
2,7 - 3,3satisfying
3,7 - 4,0sufficient
4,3 - 5,0failed

When evaluating individual performances, it is common at most universities that these are done in steps of 0.3, for example one receives a 1.0 or a 1.3, but not a 1.2. In most cases, the further intermediate steps only become relevant when an average is calculated (for example for a module with several graded achievements or the final grade). In order to be able to better compare the German grades with other (especially European) grades, they can usually be converted into the following ECTS grades:

German noteECTS grade
5,0F -> failed