Smart people always feel young

Staying Young Forever: Tips and Tricks

What's the secret and what can you do?

Why do some people look so young even though they are no longer so young? Besides genetics, are there any other factors that help maintain youth?

There is a phenomenon in human perception called psychological youth. It is a complex of behavioral and mental traits that enable a person to look different: younger, happier, more beautiful. Such a person feels fit and healthy, does sports, has some hobbies that are actually typical for younger ages, e.g. dancing, computer games, etc. They try their luck at NetBet, enjoy life and do not think about their age. What affects age if we don't consider genetics and diet?

  1. perception

Those who look young usually perceive life easily. This does not mean that they do not experience deep emotions or have difficulties in life. However, such people know how to let go of negative emotions and reduce stress.

  1. humor

Laughter extends life and youth too. A person who laughs a lot is in a completely different hormonal state than the eternally unhappy person. The habit of perceiving life and its surprises with humor helps maintain a young mood.

  1. flexibility

An eternally young person has mental flexibility and adaptability. He knows how to adapt to the situation and circumstances. These are people who suddenly go on a trip around the world at the age of 50, 60 or more and can change jobs, apartments and friends. The flexibility of the mind gives the body a message: "I will live a long and rich life, I need these body resources."

  1. Ability to learn

Young people keep educating themselves. This indicator is closely related to flexibility and adaptability, but we have put it in a separate category to clarify the importance of the connection: I can adapt and perceive the new. The learning process in the psyche triggers associations with childhood and revives all long-forgotten feelings of happiness from the cognitive process. As you learn new things, you activate a whole host of psychological phenomena in yourself that help look and feel young.

But what must one do to maintain this state of affairs and to prolong youth?

- Get rid of old things, objects, outdated relationships. Say goodbye to stereotypes you all owe. You owe something only to underage children. Other people can solve their problems on their own.

- Laugh as often as you can. Find people to laugh with. It is believed that a sign of high intelligence is the ability to make fun of any situation.

- Try to stay up to date. But that does not mean that you should wear fashionable but uncomfortable things to yourself. Choose your style and transform it. It's never too late to change your hairstyle, clothes, and circle of interests.

- Take a course. You can learn English, cooking, floristry, or even kung fu. All of this is interesting. It's never too late to learn something new.