What is Metal Gear Solid 5 about

Metal Gear Solid 5 in the test: Sneaking on the edge of world history

We lie in tall grass and wait. "Kids in America" ​​by Kim Wilde is playing on our in-game cassette recorder for the third time - we stole the cassette from a Russian during the last mission. Now let's focus on another Soviet Army soldier who is walking slowly in our direction. Does he see us and then immediately trigger a major alarm? Or can we sneak behind him to turn him off unnoticed?

In Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, waiting is part of our everyday life when we fight as elite snake soldiers in countries like Afghanistan and Africa. The most recent work by star designer Hideo Kojima takes place in 1984, at the time of the Cold War. The plot picks up elements from the real story and combines them with fictional elements. With Snake and his organization Diamond Dogs as well as his old enemies from the secret society Cipher. There are also other mysterious figures, such as a guy made up of flames.

Just a few words to classify: In The Phantom Pain we play a snake who wakes up after nine years in a coma with an amputated arm in a hospital in Cyprus, from where he then has to escape in the dramatic prologue. If you are not familiar with Metal Gear, the different identities and versions of Snake and the other characters, you will have problems understanding part of the story.

Together with a companion, Snake explores the area. (Screenshot: Golem.de)

But that doesn't spoil the fun of the bombastic, repeatedly surprising cutscenes. The developers obviously made sure to tell a story that beginners can reasonably understand. Nevertheless, we recommend a somewhat detailed look at the history of the series, for example on Wikipedia.

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However: We spend most of the season waiting in the tall grass anyway - and we don't care about the series history, because only the enemy in front of us counts. Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, getting behind an opposing soldier and putting him in a headlock is not a great challenge. Then we can interrogate him at the push of a button about hidden defectors, important documents or treasures. Optionally, we press the air off him until he sinks unconscious to the ground - or we silently kill him with our knife.

Before the missions, we always try to examine the enemy positions with binoculars from a mountain, for example. The program then marks all soldiers so that we can follow their position and their respective line of sight through the walls of houses. There is more such help: We also see marked opponents on the overview map.

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